www.yahoomail.com: How To Create A YahooMail Account

www.yahoomail.com is a webmail service owned and created by American company, Yahoo! As such it offers free email services and requires registration before it can be used. www.yahoomail.com is available in 27 languages and recorded about 281 million global users as at December 2012.

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Yahoomail was launched about 18 years ago, on October 8th, 1997 and since then has always remained one of the three largest web-based mail services.  In as much as www.yahoomail.com services are free, there is a business version that requires some amount of subscription.

Just in case you are new to this, I’ll be taking you on a step-by-step guide on how to create a www.yahoomail.com account.

Some features of the free www.yahoomail.com version include:

  • Email storage capacity up to 1TB
  • Email attachment up to 25MB (Large files can be attached using the in-built ‘Attach Large Files’ App up to 100MB)
  • Account expires when inactive for a period of 6months. Expired account can be retrieved but stored data such as mails would be lost.
  • Mail forwarding support (In some countries)
  • Automatic email sorting using up to 100 filters
  • Virus and Spam Protection

There is a paid service offered by www.yahoomail.com, it is known as Yahoo Mail Plus. Some of the services available to users of Yahoo Mail Plus include:

  • Email Storage up to 25 MB
  • 10 MB message size limit
  • Up to 10 attachments per email
  • POP access and forwarding
  • Email archiving for offline access
  • Send email messages from www.yahoomail.com using other domains
  • 50 filters to help screen unsolicited emails
  • 200 blocked addresses
  • No promotional tags in messages
  • Infinite account – no expiration

Some Features of the Business Yahoomail version includes:

  • All the features of www.yahoomail.com Plus
  • Personalized domain name and email address
  • Unlimited Mail Storage
  • $25 set-up fee
  • $9.99 monthly subscription fee
  • 10 email quota
  • A user can pay an additional $35 per year and have up to five custom email addresses

If you’re not into business, then you may not need a Business Yahoomail. The free version of the www.yahoomail.com works perfectly and can also be used by businesses.

Now that you know what really Yahoomail is all about, and the features of the different services I’ll take you on a step-by-step tutorial on how to sign up for a free www.yahoomail.com account.


How To Sign Up For A Free www.yahoomail.com Account

The newbies are most likely to benefit from this article the most, for this reason I’ll try to break down the process so as to make it clear and straightforward.

Without further wasting of time, let’s get this done.

  • STEP 1: from your browser, visit the official www.yahoomail.com website – yahoomail.com
  • STEP 2: If you ALREADY HAVE an account with Yahoomail, all you need do is enter your email address and password in the spaces provided and click ‘Sign In’.
  • STEP 3: If you DO NOT HAVE a www.yahoomail.com account, click ‘Sign Up for a New Acount
  • STEP 4: Once you have clicked on ‘Sign Up for a New Acount’ you’ll be redirected to page that contains a sign-up form.
  • STEP 5: You will be required to enter your ‘First Name’ and then ‘Last name’ which is actually your surname.
  • STEP 6: The next information that would be required of you is your ‘Yahoo Username’. It is at this point that you’ll choose what your www.yahoomail.com address would be. Enter a username of your choice; you’ll be notified whether or not the user name is available.
  • STEP 7: If you get a ‘That username is not available’ response, you will need to change the username because someone else has already taken that username.
  • STEP 8: In the Password box, you’ll be required to enter a password of your choice. If you get a ‘Your password is weak. Please create a stronger one’ response, then you’ll need to make a stronger www.yahoomail.com password by combining letters, digits and symbols. Here is an example of a strong password: H1st0rY@e8
  • STEP 9: Next information that would be required is your Mobile phone number. Remember to select the country before entering the phone number. For a Nigerian, select Nigeria (+234) and then enter then enter the last 10 digits of your phone number. For example: Nigeria (+234) 7032710711
  • STEP 10: Information with regards to your date of birth would be required of you. In the ‘Birthday’ space provided, select your birth Month, day and year from the pop-up menu. For Example: July 15 19xx
  • STEP 11: The next step in creating your www.yahoomail.com account would be to select your sex, either ‘Male’ or ‘Female’.
  • STEP 12: You can enter an optional recovery number and state the relationship between you and the owner of the number provided. This field is not mandatory and can be skipped.
  • STEP 13: Once you have successfully completed all the required fields as mentioned above, hit the ‘Create Account’ button. It is important to note that by clicking ‘Create Account’ you have automatically agreed to the Yahoo Terms and Privacy.
  • If you get the process right, you’ll be logged into your newly created www.yahoomail.com account and you’ll receive a welcome mail. Now you can take advantage of all the benefits of having a www.yahoomail.com account as mentioned above.

www.yahoomail.com sign up form

How To Recover Your Lost Yahoomail Address Or Password

It is not a strange fact that people continue to forget their email addresses and passwords even few minutes after they create them. It doesn’t make them any less smart, it is just a reminder that we are all humans. For this purpose, www.yahoomail.com has created an easy way to retrieve forgotten passwords and email addresses.

I’ll break down the process for you into simple steps so that you can go through it hassle free.

www.yahoomail.com forgot password

  • STEP 1: From your browser, visit yahoomail.com and click ‘Can’t access your account?
  • STEP 2: What is your email address? Enter your yahoomail email address and click on ‘Submit’
  • STEP 3: If you cannot remember your email address, click on ‘I don’t know my Yahoo email address’ and you’ll be prompted to enter your alternate email address or your Mobile phone number, and a text message would be sent to your alternate email or phone number which you provided containing your www.yahoomail.com address. If you know your email address, then you should skip STEP 3.
  • STEP 4: Next you’ll be asked to prove that you are not a robot. To prove this, you’ll need to enter the code that would be displayed on your screen in a box provided. If you cannot see the code clearly, you can request for another code or even an audio code.
  • STEP 5: For security reasons, www.yahoomail.com would ask you to verify your mobile phone number. You’ll be provided with some digits from your phone number and asked to fill in the missing digits. Fill in the missing digits and hit the ‘Submit’ button.
  • STEP 6: A verification text would be sent to your phone. It is required that you enter the verification code in the space provided on your browser and then click ‘Submit’
  • If all of this is done accordingly, you’ll see a message on your browser saying ‘SUCCESS, You are now Signed in’.
  • You can now choose to continue to your mail or create a new password. When creating passwords, it is advised to use something that would be hard for every other person to guess yet easy for you to remember. For example I want to use ‘Mechanic’ as my www.yahoomail.com password, I’ll create something like this – M3ch@n1c

The process wasn’t that hard, was it? If you’re still having any problem creating a www.yahoomail.com account, logging into your yahoomail account, recovering your lost yahoomail address, recovering your lost www.yahoomail.com password or any other related issues, do well to drop a comment in the box below. We’ll be glad to be of help to you.



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