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Whatsapp, owned by Facebook, is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world, with more than 800 million monthly active users. This amazing app www.whatsapp.com is available on virtually every mobile platform as it can be used on iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian as well as Java phones. It might interest you to know that this amazing app can also be used on PC – How To Use Whatsapp Web on PC


Whatsapp which is free to download requires internet data to function. The www.whatsapp.com messenger enables you to send messages, music, videos, voice notes, pictures contacts and even share location data in a very unique and reliable manner. With the latest update, it is also possible to make free calls via the Whatsapp messenger app.

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Honestly speaking, I’ve tried out so many instant messaging apps, but Whatsapp Messenger is one with a difference, little wonder it is widely accepted with over 800 Million active monthly users.

Briefly, I’ll highlight some of the features of www.whatsapp.com messenger that makes it really unique.


Whatsapp Profile:

Your profile on Whatsapp can be completely customized. What do I mean by completely customized? Whatsapp messenger offers one the opportunity to use whatever profile picture they may feel like using. There is no restriction as to image size, image quality or image format. Uploading of profile pictures are also very fast and straight forward.

Whatsapp Messenger also allows users the opportunity to choose whatever username they may feel is appropriate. (It is important to note that your friends would NOT require your username to chat with you on www.whatsapp.com messenger). Your username would mostly appear as your name when you chat in a group. It helps for easy identification of users when chatting in a group chat on Whatsapp messenger.

Whatsapp Messenger also allows you the freedom to put up whatever write-up you want as your ‘Status’. To make the experience even more attractive, it allows for the use of emojis/smileys in one’s status.

Your profile can be viewed by anyone who has installed Whatsapp messenger and has your phone number in their phonebook. You can also view the profile of any of your friends in your Whatsapp contact list and save their profile pictures with much ease.

Contact List:

What is obtainable for most of the instant messaging apps, after installation you are given a pin or a username with which other people can connect with you, and you have to go about the business of either connecting to your friends via email address book, or adding usernames/pins before you can have people to chat with.

With Whatsapp messenger, that is not the case. Whatsapp uses the default contact list on your phone and automatically adds anyone on your phone’s contact list who has already installed the www.whatsapp.com messenger.

Once you have successfully installed www.whatsapp.com messenger on your device, you also automatically appear on the contact list of anyone who has your phone number (the actual number you used in registering). This makes hooking up and connecting with friends very easy and hassle free, so long as you have their number and they have installed Whatsapp messenger on their device, you’ll see them on your contact list and so long as they have your number, they’ll also see you on their contact list.

Group Chat:

Whatsapp allows users the ease to create a group chat. Here you can add friends, family members, colleagues, business associates, church members, school mates and chat at ease with all of them in a group so long as you have their phone numbers in your phonebook and they have installed www.whatsapp.com messenger on their device.

Music, Videos, Pictures, Voice Notes, Contact and even location data can be shared easiy in a group chat. Anyone can create a group chat, it’s a very simple process, once you have created a group you can now add your friends to the group and enjoy your group chat. The maximum number of people that can chat in a group is 100.


To ensure that users have a positive experience, www.whatsapp.com allows users to customize the privacy settings to suite their own style. You can choose whether or not you want to display your ‘last seen, profile picture and status update’.

As a user, you decide who sees your status updates and your profile pictures. Those who really love to keep a low profile and avoid too much peeking really make full use of this option.

There is also a ‘Block’ option. For those who will always pop up in your chats to annoy you, those unwanted friends, those who will always bug you with unwanted messages simply because they have your contact number, you can choose to silence them for as long as you may wish by using the Blockoption. LOL, I know how it feels when you get blocked by someone, I try to minimize my use of that option, but hey, there are just some people you can’t help but block. You can also unblock a user at any point in time.

Mute Chat:

We all hate disturbances in our lives, but there are some people who take pleasure in disturbing others. They try to chat at odd times, steadily send broadcast messages, irrelevant pictures and just constitute a nuisance. Sometimes, because of the level of friendship we have with these people in reality, we do not want to block them completely, this is where the Mute option in Whatsapp becomes very important.

Whatsapp allows you to mute a chat (personal chat and group chat) for a period of time as defined by you (8 hours, 1 week, 1 Year) and also allows you to decide whether or not you want to get notifications from that individual or group chat.

I have used this option for all the group chats on my list because of how much disturbance i get from them, i still receive messages but i don’t get any notifications. So at my spare time, i can read their messages to see if any important information was passed and reply if i so desire.

You can also ‘unmute’ the individual or group chat at anytime you want to.

Whatsapp Calls:

I have recently saved a lot of airtime by simply utilizing my www.whatsapp.com messenger app to make free calls. Yes! You can call anyone on your Whatsapp contact list for absolutely free and talk for as long as you may.

With Whatsapp messenger app, no log-in is required. All you need do is ensure that there is internet data on your phone and you can enjoy the full benefits of this wonderful messenger app.

Whatsapp Share:

The latest version of Whatsapp messenger now allows sharing of different kind of files. Previously, users were only able to share audio, video, pictures, contact and location on Whatsapp Messenger. It was previously impossible to share document files on Whatsapp, but a new update has rolled out which now make it possible to share documents via Whatsapp.

Whatsapp users can now send Documents, Audio files, videos, pictures, contacts and location to their friends using Whatsapp.


Click Here to Visit the Official Whatsapp Website on your phone, tablet PC or other device. The application for your device is automatically selected for you and all you need do is click the Download option.

Download Whatsapp for iPhone


Download Whatsapp for Android


Download Whatsapp for Blackberry


Download Whatsapp for Windows Phone


Download Whatsapp for Symbian


Download Whatsapp for Nokia S40


  1. After downloading and installing the Whatsapp on your device, run the app on your device
  2. You have to accept the terms and conditions in the welcome page and proceed
  3. Your phone number will be requested for (it is advised to use the number that you give out to your friends)
  4. A 5-digit verification code will be sent to the number you provided via SMS, this is done to verify that you are the owner of the phone number you gave. There is also an option for Voice Verification, if you have a problem receiving SMS.
  5. Enter the 5-digit code received via SMS or Voice Call in the space provided on the whatsapp application interface.
  6. Choose a username of your choice. (It is important to note that your friends would NOT require your username to chat with you on www.whatsapp.com messenger)
  7. Upload a profile picture of your choice or leave the space blank. It is yours to decide.
  8. You’re so in there! Now you can enjoy all the benefits of the lovely Whatsapp messenger app.

Are you having any difficulties or challenges downloading or using Whatsapp Messenger App? I’ll be very happy to be of help to you. Just drop a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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