www.wechat.com – How To Register And Download WeChat Messsenger

WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service which was developed and first released in January 2011 by Tencent Holdings in China.


With over a billion created accounts and up to 500 million monthly active users, WeChat app is available on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian phones.

Some of the few features of www.wechat.com – WeChat messenger app includes instant text messaging, voice messaging, broadcast messaging, sharing of pictures, location sharing, video conferencing, video gaming, it also provides various features for contacting people at random if a user so wishes to.

WeChat also provides users with public account support, this enables users to push feed items to subscribers, interact with subscribers and provide them with services. www.wechat.com has over 8 million public accounts. Government, companies and news media have taken advantage of this app to reach out to many.

Similar to what is obtainable on Whatsapp Web, there is a web-based client for WeChat app, it can be assessed by Windows and Apple Mac users, with messaging and file transfer features. Users must have already registered an account using a phone before they can have access to the web-client.

To use the web-client for WeChat app, users must scan a QR Code using the phone app. It is therefore a necessary to possess a phone with the WeChat app installed on it. There is also a www.wechat.com app that can be downloaded on Windows PC and Apple Mac.

I already have some instant messenger apps on my device, why do I need WeChat Messenger App? If that’s the question you’re asking yourself right now, I’ll highlight some of the features of  WeChat so you can be sure why you need to download WeChat Messenger App.


  • WeChat provides free texting to users. Users can chat for as long as they wish and send unlimited messages to other WeChat users.
  • The app messenger also provides its users the opportunity to make free calls
  • With WeChat, users can make video calls, and that’s simply amazing. These video calls otherwise known as video conferencing are at no cost. You do not have to pay to use this feature.
  • WeChat also allows users to create a group chat. You can invite friends, family members, colleagues, church members, association members into a single group and exchange information with everyone in that group with so much ease.
  • Fun Moments, Yes! www.wechat.com allows you share your fun moments with your friends. Pictures and visual memories can be shared with friends.
  • People Nearby – WeChat knows that chatting with the same old people overtime becomes boring, and we may just want to make a new friend somewhere nearby. The ‘People Nearby’ feature uses your location data to notify you of people around you that also use WeChat. This is a great feature.
  • WeChat can be used across various platforms: Apple, blackberry, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, Apple Mac and Windows PC. Yes! You can use WeChat on your device.
  • Social Network Integration support makes up for one of the biggest features of WeChat. You can link your Facebook account to your WeChat app.
  • Apart from having a web-based client, there is a downloadable www.wechat.com app for Windows PC and Apple Mac.
  • WeChat allows users to have multiple accounts and use them on one app. There is an option to ‘Switch Account’ on WeChat and indeed is a very handy feature for many.
  • You can add filters to your photos using the WeChat filters and even add captions to images.
  • Public Account Support which has been capitalized by many Government agencies, News media and other companies is a first-of-its-kind and a very useful feature of www.wechat.com app.

I could still go on and on to mention more features, but I’ll let your curiosity take the lead as there are many more features you’ll discover as you use WeChat messenger app.

For those who are interested in using this messenger app, I’ll briefly take you through the steps to register and download WeChat messenger app.



  1. The first and foremost step is to download the www.wechat.com messenger app on your phone. This is not too much of a task as all you need do is open the app store of your device and search for ‘WeChat’, hit the download button as soon as you find it.

Alternatively, you may want to visit the official WeChat website to download the app for your device. There is a direct link on the website to download the app for whatever device you may have.

  1. Now that you have successfully downloaded the app on your device, you may now launch www.wechat.com messenger app.
  2. If you have previously signed up for WeChat before, all you have to do is click ‘Log In’, enter your mobile phone number and your password. WeChat would automatically load all your WeChat contacts even if you do not have their phone numbers on your present device.
  3. For those who have not previously signed up for WeChat, hit the ‘Sign Up’ button to get started.
  4. Your name would be required of you and using your location settings, your region would be automatically selected. In case a wrong region is selected for you, you can change it to the appropriate region on the www.wechat.com messenger app.
  5. Your Phone Number would also be required of you and you’ll be asked to choose a password  (WeChat would not show other users your Phone Number).
  6. When you must have filled in all of this information, you can now click the ‘Sign Up’ button. Hitting the sign up button means accepting the terms and condition of WeChat. If you do not agree to their terms and condition, then this is the right time to quit the process.
  7. Your phone number will be verified and your www.wechat.com account will be created. Contacts on your phonebook who already have WeChat messenger app would be automatically added to your WeChat Contact list and you can start sending messages.

Are you having any difficulties downloading, signing up, logging in or using www.wechat.com – WeChat Messenger App? We’ll love to be of help to you. Kindly drop your comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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