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With the increased number of Smartphone users and internet subscribers, app developers have had a wonderful time coming up with so many apps offering mouthwatering features. But if you want an app that would allow you send unlimited messages and make free calls, Viber – www.viber.com is that app you’ve been looking for.


Viber is an instant messaging app that supports Voice over IP (VOIP) Viber has recorded more than 280 million global registered users since its inception on December 2nd, 2010, and has over 100 million monthly active users. In addition to instant messaging, www.viber.com allows users to exchange images, video and audio media messages.

Viber is available on various platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android, Blackberry OS, Symbian, Series 40, Bada, Windows Phone and even Linux OS. Indeed, the world can connect through www.viber.com

WHY DO I NEED A VIBER ACCOUNT? – www.viber.com

  1. Free calls, text and picture sharing with anyone, anywhere.
  2. No username or invitations needed to chat up with other users.
  3. Instantly integrates with your own contact list.
  4. Viber provides the best quality mobile calls using 3G/4G or Wi-Fi to users across various platforms (Calls use your active data plan).

I will take you through the process of registering for a Viber account and downloading the app to whatever device you may have.


  1. Firstly, I’ll like to remind you that Viber – www.viber.com is a multi-platform app that can be used on various devices be it a Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian amongst others.
  2. To use Viber, you have to download the app from the app store on your device or just click on the link below that relates to your specific device.
  1. After you must have downloaded and installed the app on your device, run the app.
  2. Once the app is open, a welcome screen would be displayed. Read carefully through the information and click ‘Continue’ if you are satisfied and want to move to the next stage of the process.
  3. To set up your profile on www.viber.com, you have to provide your mobile phone number (it is advised that you use your most popular and active phone number since you will automatically appear on the contact list of other users that have this number in their phone book)
  4. A verification code would be automatically sent to the mobile number you provided via SMS, enter the code in the field provided.
  5. Once this code has been accepted, it means your account has been successfully created and verified.
  6. Viber would automatically sync your phone contacts and notify you of everyone on your phonebook who are active or registered Viber users. It is the same process as used in Whatsapp Messenger App.
  7. Update your profile with your desired profile picture and personal message.
  8. You’re in! Feel free to start a conversation, exchange photos, videos, share location, and even make free calls to any user in your automated contact list.



It is important to note that the functionality of Viber varies from platform to platform. I will briefly highlight the most common features of this instant messaging app.

  • Viber includes text, picture and video messaging across all platforms
  • The voice calling option is only available to Android, iPhone and Windows Phone users.
  • Viber has a tab bar that allows users access to Recent Calls, Messages and Contact List.
  • Viber synchronizes with the phone’s address book, users do not need to go through the stressful process of adding users via username or email address.
  • viber.com gives users the best chatting experience with smileys and other images that help to better express emotion.
  • Viber allows users chat in a group via group messaging and also make HD voice calls.
  • There is also a ‘Viber Out’ feature that enables users call mobile and landline numbers of people that do not use Viber app. To use this option, visit the ‘More’ tab and choose ‘Viber Out’.
  • Viber allows users to customize their privacy settings. This is a very handle tool for users who like to keep a very low profile.

Are you having any difficulties downloading or using www.viber.com – Viber Instant Messaging app? We would be glad to be of help to you. Drop a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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