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Remita is an online payment solution platform that enables the receipt and payment of funds across different banks using a single platform. With www.remita.net, transactions of a wide variety can be completed from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you deem most suitable without physically visiting any banking hall.


Are you an employer, employee, business man, family man, family woman, student, with little or no time to spare for those long and never ending ATM and banking hall queues? How about a platform that would save you all of this stress yet ensures that all your transactions are even carried out more efficiently?

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If this is what you seek then www.remita.net is the platform for you.

This e-payment platform – www.remita.net – Is not only open to individuals but also public and private sector organizations including NGOs, SMEs, Multinationals, Corporations, Government Agencies and Parastatals, Religious organizations, Educational institutions, Hotels and hospitality organizations, Health institutions, and even the common man.

The Central Bank of Nigeria has even adopted www.remita.net for the payment and collection of funds on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria and is used by 22 commercial banks and over 400 micro-finance banks in the country.


What Can www.remita.com do for You?

Pay Salaries

Organizations can now take advantage of www.remita.net as solution to their salary payment system. Remita allows organizations to make direct payments to their employees’ accounts not minding which commercial bank their workers hold accounts with.

Employees on the other hand receive their salaries as soon as the payment is made via Remita with additional email and SMS alerts to that effect.

Receive Payments (e-Collection)

www.remita.net allows you to create a profile which you can use to receive your payments electronically even if you don’t own a website. This makes the receipt of payments for services rendered by organizations/individuals or goods sold much easier as well as secure.

Pay FIRS Taxes

Taxes form a major part of government revenue and as such no government can perform optimally if taxes are not properly collected and accounted for. www.remita.net allows organizations to make PAYE tax payments to the Federal Inland Revenue Service – the body responsible for collection of taxes in Nigeria.

Remita also generates tax schedules to support each tax remittance made to the FIRS. In real time, these tax schedules are created and sent to the tax bodies and saves time and stress required in creating manual tax schedules.

Pay Pensions and Submit Schedules to PFAs

With Remita, organizations can easily form pension contribution payment to relevant PFA accounts within the custody of Pension Fund Custodians (PFC).

Whenever these pension payments are created to the PFA accounts, www.remita.net automatically generates matching payment schedules that are instantly sent to the various PFAs and PFCs.

Pay Vendors and Suppliers

With remita, individuals and organizations can easily issue e-cheques to vendors and suppliers. Beneficiaries of these electronic cheques get real time value as their accounts are immediately created. These payments can be easily made within or across different commercial banks and still get the same real-time value.

www.remita.net also send the recipient an email/SMS describing the purpose of the payment.

Pay a Remita Customer/Biller

As an e-commerce solution, you can add www.remita.net to your website/online store and have customers pay via remita. Electronic bills can be sent to customers and have them pay in a secure and convenient way with Remita.

Setup Recurring Payments (Standing Order)

www.remitta.net allows individuals or organizations to setup reoccurring payment (standing orders). These standing orders are automatically paid as at when due according to the recipient, strictly following the order as specified by the individual or organization.

This is indeed time saving especially when certain transactions are recurring. The recipient gets real-time value as the payments are credited instantly.

Pay Family, Friends and Others

www.remita.net can also be used for our everyday transactions to pay family, friends, colleagues and others. Remita permits you as a private individual to form payments to beneficiary accounts in your bank or the other bank from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you may deem most comfortable

You can issue as many cheques at a time and have all of them credited in real time. You can also issue time-based standing orders for payments of your recurring transactions such as tithes, offerings, DSTV bills, electric bills, etc.

Remita electronic payment system delivers payment instructions to accounts in any Commercial Bank, Microfinance Bank, Primary Mortgage Institution or Digital Wallet.

Receive Funds Easily

www.remita.net serves as a multi-channel e-collection platform that supports all types of Biller organizations. It can be used by educational institutions, insurance companies, NGOs, e-commerce sites, utility companies, SMEs, clubs and associations, hospitals, religious organizations, Government agencies, Local and State Governments, hotels, etc. to collect various types of fees, charges and dues.

Remita uses a ‘Push’ and a ‘Pull’ model to receive funds. The ‘Push’ model empowers you as the biller to send an e-Invoice to your payers to empower them to pay you easily and conveniently electronically.

The ‘Pull’ model empowers your payers to either visit your website and click a ‘Remita-Pay-Now’ button or select you as a beneficiary at www.remita.net

Remita e-Invoicing

Remita e-Invoicing provides Billers with a great tool for managing invoices replacing the need for ‘manual invoices’.

www.remita.net can generate your invoices online; send payment demand notices to payers for payment through their preferred channel. Payers can also generate their own invoices online and pay through their preferred channels.

www.remita.com can also send reminder mails for unpaid invoices

Automate Your Payroll

Remita payroll system is suitable for organizations with 2-200,000 employees; www.remita.com payroll & HR is a powerful and all inclusive payroll and Human Resource management solution.

Who is allowed to use www.remita.net?

Individuals to manage their personal finances

Public and private sector organizations, regardless of their size, structure and complexity.

Would you like to use Remita and make your banking less stressful? Simply signup and start making and receiving payments online with much ease.


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