www.2go.com – How To Download 2go Latest Version 6.0

2go happens to be one of the first and most popular instant messaging apps that got a whole lot of people engaged. The initial www.2go.com version 2.0 was well received and downloaded by many, little wonder they app developers worked so hard to improve 2go’s services and its users chatting experience.


One of the most peculiar and amazing feature of 2go messenger app is the fact that it doesn’t discriminate or choose any special platform on which it would run. The lowest java phone that has internet access can download and run www.2go.com messenger app as well as the most sophisticated smart phone.

Those who used the initial version 2.0 would agree with me that 2go has made a huge progress with its latest upgrade which is the 2go version 6.0. The progress was not a quantum jump but rather a slow and well researched one. There was the version 3.0, the version 4.0, the version 5.0 and now the latest version 6.0 which has been able to instill some of the features of Whatsapp messenger app.

With 2go, you can stay in touch with friends, school mates, colleagues, family members and whosoever you may wish to, so long as the person has an active 2go account. www.2go.com works perfectly with your internet data plan and if you do not have an active data plan, you can either subscribe to one now or allow 2go to use your airtime at a very minimal rate.

I’ll be taking some time to highlight some of the unique features of the latest www.2go.com version – 2go version 6.0. I’m sure you’ll want to download it after reading through.

FEATURES OF 2GO VERSION 6.0 – www.2go.com

Offline Messages:

With the latest www.2go.com version, you’ll never miss a conversation. Perhaps for any reason you are chatting with someone and the person suddenly goes offline, you can still go ahead to drop your message and be sure that the person would see it whenever they come online. For users with smartphones, even when you’re not online, you’ll get a real-time notification of your chat messages.

Star Progress:

The latest version of 2go messenger app allows users to monitor their star progress; it shows star progress and expresses it in terms of percentage. The last time I checked my star level, it was Veteran and I was on 99%, LOL, I’m sure your star level is higher than mine. Star levels are now easier to reach with the latest version of 2go, and more stars have been added to make chatting more fun. On previous versions, the highest star level was Ultimate, but with the new version of 2go we saw the introduction of Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond and Black Diamond. Your star is boosted slightly as you buy go credits or spend go credits.

Fast Lane:

This feature allows users get quick access to news, sport and information on the 2go brand. The www.2go.com fastlane allows users get football updates from SuperSport and breaking news on National, World, Africa, Sport, Entertainment, Technology and more from News24. This is an amazing feature.

Chat History:

This was introduced on previous versions but there were still a lot of bugs as some chat history was not saved. With the latest version, you do not have to start the conversation all over again; there is always a chat history for all previous conversations. This gives you an insight to the last conversation you had with a user so as to know where to continue the conversation from.


2go Rooms:

The latest version of www.2go.com saw the introduction or more rooms. There is a room to suit whatever virtually every interest a user may have. Chatting experience in the rooms were also improved as spammers, annoying users, insulting users, users with sexual provoking names and photos can be reported and kicked out of the rooms. It also allows you to view the profile and profile picture of users in a chat room and mention them in a chat while they get notified.

Voice Messages:

The latest version of 2go supports voice messages. Users can have a better conversation by sending voice messages to each other. There was previously an option to share file, share image, share go credits and share friend. With the introduction of an option to share voice, chatting on 2go has become more fun.

Edit Profile:

The latest version of www.2go.com allows users to customize their profile as often as they may want to. A user can now change his display name, location, birthday, gender, relationship status, room settings and mobile number, and this can be done with so much ease.

Switch Accounts:

I first saw this option on Twitter and then on Whatsapp, i was so delighted to see 2go introduce this option. It is a very useful option for someone like me who has about five 2go accounts, LOL, I know you’re wondering why anyone would want to have five 2go accounts. With 2go version 6.0, you can easily switch from one 2go account to another by simply hitting the ‘Switch Accounts’ option, all you need do is provide the log in details – username and password of the account you want to log in to, and you’re in!

There are still so many more features of this new version of www.2go.com – 2go version 6.0 but I’ll leave you to discover the rest of them yourself, that would make it more fun. I’m sure you’re already overwhelmed by the features I have highlighted above, I’ll tell you how to download the latest version of www.2go.com messenger app.


HOW TO DOWNLOAD 2Go VERSION 6.0 – www.2go.com

Visit the official 2go website on 2go.im or www.2go.co.za or www.2go.com.ng on your device and you’ll be prompted to download the latest 2go version for your device.

Download 2go For Android


Download 2go For Blackberry


Download 2go For Windows Phone


Download 2go For Nokia S40


Download 2go for Java



  1. Click the download option and allow the app to be downloaded on to your device.
  2. Now you can run the just downloaded app.
  3. You’ll be prompted to select your location, which is actually your country and fill in your mobile phone number. With the mobile number provided, www.2go.com automatically detects whether you are a new user or a returning user.
  4. For new users, you’ll be asked to fill in your first name and last name, you’ll be asked to choose a Username, be careful to choose a username that is easy to remember and has not already been used previously by another user. Your date of birth would also be required of you, when you must have filled in all the information correctly, you proceed and 2go would generate a password for you and log you into your new 2go account.
  5. Be careful not to forget the password, you can also change the password to a new password of your choice once you have logged in to your www.2go.com account.
  6. For users who have already created an account previously, you may now log in to the latest version of 2go with your username and password. In case you cannot remember your password, hit the ‘Forgot Password’ option for help.
  7. Guess what? You’re now in to the latest 2go version 6.0, all you have to do is explore this new version and have a wonderful chatting experience.


Are you having any difficulties downloading, logging in or chatting with the 2go version 6.o? We would love to be of help to you. Kindly drop a comment, stating whatever challenges you may be having in the comment box and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also drop your 2go Username in the comment box if you want more friends.



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