My Tech Advice to ABUAD Students – Think Smart!

Just recently there was an outpour by students of Afe Babalola University Ado-Ekiti, popularly known as ABUAD as they took to twitter to express their anger, regret, rage and whatever feeling they could find at their disposal as the school updated her rules and regulations to include that students have been banned from owning Smartphones on the school campus, starting from the forth coming semester.


Smart decision, huh? Sadly this decision is coming at a time when the world is moving twice as fast in technological advances with Smartphones taking no chill pill at all. Not only did ABUAD ban smartphones, they also banned tablets, iPad inclusive. Arrrrrgggghhhhh! 😡

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The University would allow students to use telephone but limited to non-smartphones. Any TELEPHONE aside the University’s specification, inclusive of TABLETS or iPADS shall be CONFISCATED and the Student shall be SANCTIONED.

Damn it!

This rule might not seem so harsh to new students, but it’s definitely the worst thing that’ll ever to returning students and the process of technologically adapting to not having your smartphone can be more daunting than ever imagined.

Ever heard of the term ‘Smartphone Withdrawal Syndrome’ ?

Smartphone withdrawal syndrome, also called a smartphone discontinuation syndrome is a set of symptoms occurring in discontinuation or restriction of use of smartphones. The risk of a discontinuation syndrome occurring increases with the type, and length of the Smartphone use.

Don’t ask me where I got that definition from, I’m Smart like that 🙂

Sorry if y’all gonna suffer Smartphone Withdrawal Syndrome, but guess what Smart people do? They find ways around ways. If you’ve already thought of a way around, then you’re smart!

Sadly we have people using phones that are actually smarter than the users themselves, such people would only cry :’( and wail, forgetting that crying has never solved any problem, even since 1808.

Okay, I’ve ranted enough already, lemme just go straight to the point.

Are you an ABUAD student? Did you also see the smart update in your schools’ rules and regulations? Did you also go to twitter to rant? Do you own a Laptop? Then I’ll show you a way around…

First of all, I’ll highlight the 3 major reasons why many people own smartphone:

  1. Show-off
  2. Take Photos
  3. Social Networking

I admit that there are other reasons, and that the 3 reasons I highlighted above are not the reasons why you own your smartphone, yeah, I know right.

But if you’re a normal person like I am and you are an ABUAD student, and these 3 reasons form part of the reasons behind you owning the smartphone you own, then I’ll show you how you can work around the ban on smartphones by your institution.

I’ll be focusing more on the social networking part of it. If you wanna show off, buy a MacBook Pro, if you want to take pictures, patronize the photographers or get yourself a handy camera, if you want to social network and keep using all your favourite apps, then Bluestacks Player is your friend.

What is Bluestacks App Player?

Did I just hear someone ask me that?

Have you ever imagined having an Android tablet in your laptop? No! You’ve never imagined that…, but someone has and developed a software known as ‘Bluestack App Player’.

Have you ever thought of using your Android apps on your PC? Just think of using your favorite Android apps like WhatsApp, Candy Crush Saga, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. on your laptop.  Bluestacks app player helps you achieve this.

BlueStacks App Player is the only Android Emulator supported with investment from Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm and AMD.

Now that you know what Bluestacks App Player is, you can go ahead and Download Bluestacks App Player.

Download Bluestacks App Player Here

After downloading Bluestacks app player on your laptop computer, go ahead and run the executable file and allow it to install.

Follow the on-screen instructions and install BlueStacks on your Laptop. After installation is complete, it creates a shortcut on the desktop, and you are ready to use BlueStacks.

After you must have successfully installed Bluestacks app player, I advise that you first of all install ‘Torque Launcher’ from the Google play store in Bluestacks App as it makes the app look even much more like your favourite Android tablet.

Now you can install as many as your favourite Android Apps as you have access to Google Play Store using Bluestacks App Player.

Facebook lovers should not have a problem as they can always use facebook directly from the web and of course can still take advantage of Bluestacks App Player by installing their favourite Facebook Messenger from the Google Play App Store on Bluestacks.

If you love Twitter as much as I do, and you find it somewhat uncomfortable tweeting from the native twitter android app on Bluestacks, then TweetDeck is your friend.

You can use TweetDeck – my most favourite Twitter alternative of all time – from your browser by entering or in your browser url.

In the end I’m sure you’ll enjoy tweetdeck more than any other twitter app you’ve ever used. You can also download TweetDeck App on your PC so that you do not always have to open your browser just because you want to tweet.

Download TweetDeck App For PC Here

You can also use emojis on your TweetDeck by installing BetterTweetDeck 3 Google Chrome web browser extension.

Instagram lovers, you can perform all normal instagram functions optimally using the native Instagram app as downloaded from the Google Play store in Bluestacks. Unlike Instagram for web, it allows you upload pictures/videos, use your favourite filters, like and comment on pictures, read and send direct messages.

Whatsapp lovers would find Bluestacks App Player very interesting as it has full support for Whatsapp Messenger. You can download Whatsapp Messenger from the Google App store on Bluestacks and get chatting with your friends and family.

For those who have their contacts backed up on their Gmail account, your contacts would be automatically retrieved once you sign into your Google Account on Bluestacks App Player.

I could go on and on and on… but I’ll stop here for now.

In a nutshell, Just get your laptop, buy a Modem (i know there’s free WiFi in your school, but buy a modem), subscribe for an internet data plan bundle, install Bluestacks App Player and you’re good to go. You’ll never have to miss your smartphone that much.

Happy Resumption in advance dear ABUAD students.

Be Smart!

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