Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours: Release Date, Price, Design, Features and Specs.

Is it not too early to start reading Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours? The Samsung Galaxy S7 arrived only a few months back and we have not had enough of it yet, why talk about the Samsung Galaxy S8? If that’s the question you’re asking yourself, you can be sure I asked myself the same too.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours

A lot has already been said about the next Samsung flagship – Samsung Galaxy S8 – some of the things said are logical and seem to be realistic while others sound so  magical and too true to believe. As always we’ll advice that you take this Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours with a healthy pinch of salt, while we impatiently wait to see the reality of it.

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I’ve gathered all the Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours flying around the web to keep you informed. You can recall that the Samsung Galaxy S7 which is Samsung’s most recent Flagship broke into the market with such a strong force that some already tagged it ‘The Best Android Smartphone of 2016’, this was as a result of the features and specs of this flagship smartphone.

Here’s all the Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours we’ve gathered so far, including Release Date, Price, Design, Features and Specs.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours: Release Date

If you study the trend with which Samsung has been launching its Galaxy range of Smartphones, you can tell certainly that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be announced at the Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC 2017).

From the history of Galaxy S smartphones launch, April has been the most popular month for release but the Samsung Galaxy S7 came a bit earlier as it launched on 11th March, 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours

We can’t at this point give a precise date for the launch of the next Galaxy flagship, but our best shots are March or April of 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours: Price

You would agree with me that Samsung Galaxy S model smartphones are always of premium quality and as such are usually not the cheapest of Android Smartphones out there.

Right now we can only guess the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 although several Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours have suggested different prices. From what we’ve gathered so far, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will cost about $870 while the Galaxy S8 Edge would probably have a $920 price tag.

However, we’ll have to remain patient for some leaks nearer to the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date before we can put our finger on the price with any degree of certainty.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours: Design

You can’t expect any less than we’ve seen in previous Galaxy S models. The Samsung Galaxy S8 which is promises to appeal to the eyes of everyone that beholds it; superb and enhanced functionality, unique productivity, high quality visuals are features that would complement the amazing visual appeal of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours suggest that the next Galaxy smartphone would be lighter, thinner and probably have more glass than its predecessors.

As has become the trend since the debut of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge is also expected to be released alongside the Galaxy S8 and promises to deliver the curved appeal to users and even more.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours: Specs

Recent Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours gathered from GalaxyS8info suggest that the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be as shown in the image below:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours: Specs

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours: Features

From the Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours we’ve gathered so far, the flagship is expected to be one of the best smartphones of 2017. Samsung is rumoured to center on increasing security while improving on speed, productivity and functionality with the Galaxy S8. We have several hints on what the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature.

Screen Size

For a start, let’s consider Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours as regards to screen size. Bits gathered from Trusted Reviews suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature a 5.1 inch display screen.  To accompany the expected 5.1 inch display would be a 4k display resolution.

4k Display

There were lots of speculations that the Galaxy S7 would feature a 4k display, but that was not the case when the phone was finally launched.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is most likely to be the first Samsung flagship to feature a 4k display screen from all the Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours we have gathered.

10nm processor

Recent Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours suggest that the S8 will come with a new processor – the 10nm processor. Samsung Galaxy S7 runs on one of two chips: Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 or Samsung Exynos 8890. These chips are built by Taiwan’s TSMC and Samsung’s chip manufacturing division respectively. TSMC has already pledged to manufacture 10nm chips before the end of 2016 and Samsung is also working on 10nm chips.

It is very likely that the next Snapdragon and Exynos chip would be built on a 10nm process making the chips more powerful and less power consuming. If the Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours we gathered are anything to go by, we’ll have this Chip on the Galaxy S8.

Snapdragon X16 Modem

In addition to Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours we gathered, the Galaxy S8 is expected to feature the Snapdragon X16 Modem, an upgrade to the X12 modem as featured in the Galaxy S7. The X16 modem is rumoured to be able to download a 100GB of 4K movie in about 13 minutes while a Blu-ray movie of about 20GB can be downloaded in about 4 minutes. Damn, that’s some awesome speed!


Even though the Samsung dropped from 16 MP in the Galaxy S6 to 12 MP in the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S7’s camera is still a better camera than its predecessor, many thanks to the Dual Pixel Technology.

The Galaxy S7 was the world’s first smartphone to debut the Dual Pixel Technology and it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will retain this feature.

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours from GalaxyS8info suggest a 30 MP camera. Even though this is not impossible, it seems like a wide guess. We expect to see the Galaxy S8 camera rise to 16 MP while retaining the Dual Pixel Technology of the Galaxy S7.

Type-C USB

Alas! We might just see the the first Samsung Galaxy Smartphone to feature a USB Type-C. There were strongs rumours that the Samsung Galaxy S7 would feature a USB Type-C but eventually, it didn’t.

A Type-C USB is one with a reversible connection. You can stick it into your phone USB port upside down as really there is no upside and no downside as seen in Apple lightning port.

The USB Type-C is capable of supplying more power up to 100W compared to the USB 2.0 which peaks at 2.5W. There are strong Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours that suggest the flagship will feature the Type-C USB.


Here is a brief history of battery capacity of recent Galaxy S model smartphones:

Latest Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours points that the Galaxy S8 would feature a 4,200mAh battery. Whatever the case might be, if the Galaxy S8 is equipped with a 10nm processor and Android N, we can be certain a single charge would offer a more lasting period than its predecessors.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to arrive out of the box with Android’s latest Operating System – Android N. We would have loved to see Android O on the Galaxy S8 out of the box but the Galaxy S8 would certainly be released before the announcement of Android O.


Are you excited about the Galaxy S8? What features would you love to see? We’ll update this article subsequently as we gather more Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours.


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