Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016

Fuji Music is a popular Nigerian music genre that has most of its popularity in the western part of Nigeria. Before talking about the Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016 I’ll give a brief history about Fuji Music.

Fuji Music evolved from the Ajisari/Were music tradition which was a kind of music performed to wake Muslims up from sleep before dawn during the Ramadan fasting.

Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016

The creation of ‘Fuji’ music can be ascribed to Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister. The name ‘Fuji’ was gotten in a rather unusual way. According to Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, “I came up with it when I saw a poster at an airport, advertising the Mount Fuji, which is the highest peak in Japan…”

Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister went further to explain that Fuji is not just a local music. He said, “Fuji music is a combination of music consisting of Sakara, Apala, juju, Aro, Afro, and Gudugudu, possibly Highlife…”

To popularize Fuji Music, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister toured Britain in the early 1970’s and United States of America in 1984 thus spreading the gospel of the Fuji Music genre even before the subsequent and now popular Fuji Musicians who made it to the list of Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016 ever left the shores of Africa.

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There has been a rapid modernization of Fuji Music and we have seen a whole lot of Fuji Musicians each with their own unique style of Fuji Music. Fuji music has become a source of livelihood and has brought many to stardom. Below is a list of Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016.

Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016 and Their Net Worth:

  1. Ayinde Wasiu Marshall

Popularly known as Kwam 1 or K1 De Ultimate, Ayinde Wasiu Marshall is currently the Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016.

KWAM 1 - Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016

Kwam 1 was born on the 3rd of March 1957 in Lagos Island and began his music career at a very tender age, he released his first in 1980 and has remained relevant in the industry till date.

After the release of his classic album ‘Talazo 84’ in 1984, Fuji music has never been the same again.

In 1994, he was crowned as the King of Fuji Music and officially renamed King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal the First (KWAM 1) by the King of Oyo in Ibadan.

Having recorded about 57 albums, Ayinde Wasiu Marshall a.k.a K1 De Ultimate has a net worth of N750 Million.

  1. Abass Akande Obesere

Also known as Omo Rapala, Obesere is popular for the uniqueness of his Fuji Music. He is loved by so many and is definitely one of the Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016.

Abass Akande Obesere is a native of Ibadan and found limelight through his songs that focused on issues considered as taboo in the Yoruba land.

He was previously signed to Sony Music in 1981 but for the sake of payment disputes broke out of Sony Music and moved to Bayowa records.

Obesere - Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016

Obesere has taken his brand of Fuji music all over the world and some of his popular songs include: Mr. Teacher, Omorapala Overthrow, Egungun Be Careful, Effissy and a host of many others.

He is known as a faithful husband of one wife who never indulges in drinking or smoking.

Abass Akande Obesere is currently rated as the second Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016 with a net worth of N500 Million.

  1. Wasiu Alabi Pasuma

Wasiu Alabi Pasuma who is now popularly known as Oganla or Pasuma Wonder was born in Mushin area of Lagos State on November 27th 1967 and hails from Kwara State.

Pasuma Wonder - Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016

Pasuma is arguable the most popular Fuji Musician in Nigeria today and also one of the Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016.

His talent has been tested, tried and certified in both the Nigerian Fuji Music industry as well as the Nigerian movie industry. Pasuma Wonder is a Fuji musician as well as an actor.

Pasuma started his career in music far back as 1984, his first album titled ‘Recognition’ was released in 1993.

To further prove his talent and ability to thrive in other music genres apart from Fuji, he debuted his first Hip-hop album in 2015 and titled it ‘My World’.

In 1995 Oganla 1 as he is often referred to released an album titled ‘Oribokibo’. This album spearheaded him into fame as he is known by even people who are not fans of Fuji Music. He is currently the third Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016.

To further portray the love Pasuma has for his children, he bought his daughter a brand new Toyota matrix by him as her birthday present.

Wasiu Alabi Pasuma a.k.a Oganla 1 a.k.a Pasuma Wonder has a net worth of N455 Million.

There certainly are many other Rich and Popular Fuji musicians, but the above mentioned are the Richest Fuji Musicians in Nigeria 2016.

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