How To Restart Your Android Phone in Safe Mode

Just like you can do on your PC and Laptop, it’s very possible to restart your Android Phone in Safe Mode. For those who didn’t know about this before, the big question you may want to ask is ‘HOW?’, but not to worry, I’ll tell you how.

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Andoid Safe Mode

In-case you’re wondering why you would want to restart your android phone in Safe Mode; I’ll briefly highlight some of the reasons:

  1. Have you noticed that over time your Android phone has suddenly become slower? Prolly because of all the installed apps you have on the phone, the widgets and maybe the theme. Restart your Android phone in Safe Mode and see how your phone would perform fast once again.Would I be able to use my Google Apps in safe mode? Did you just ask that? Yes, you will be able to use your Google Apps in Safe Mode. You’ll be surprised how responsive your device would suddenly feel.
  1. Just recently after installing some apps, I noticed that my phone freezes on startup and would randomly restart on its own. Is that your complain? You can restart your Android phone in Safe Mode and then uninstall the apps you have recently downloaded that might be causing your Android phone to malfunction.Although when you restart your phone in Safe Mode, only factory installed apps are show. But you can still navigate to Settings > Apps and uninstall any app you wish to.

How To Restart Your Android Phone in Safe Mode

It’s not as complicated as you might think, all you need do is tap and hold down the power/sleep/lock button on your phone as though you wanted to turn off the phone.

Restart Your Android Phone in Safe Mode

You normally will be displayed with several options that include ‘Power Off’, ‘Restart’, ‘Airplane Mode’. There may be other options depending on the model and make of your device.

Tap and Hold the ‘Power Off’ option and you’ll be presented with an option to restart your Android phone in Safe Mode.

When your restart your Android phone in Safe Mode, you’ll see the ‘Safe Mode’ written on the bottom left corner of your phone. This feature has been available for a pretty long time now, some never just discovered it.

When you’re ready to exit the Safe Mode, simply hold the power button of your device and power off the device or just remove the battery and insert it back. Power your device on again, and it will boot in the normal mode.


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