How To Play the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

We all must have had that annoying experience when our Chrome Browser returns ‘Unable to connect to the Internet’ message. The difference between a smart person and other people is that a smart person would make fun out of this while other people would prolly punch their PC screen or smash their phones or other devices.

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

How can I make fun out of it when I’m unable to connect to the internet? That’s a smart question a smart person would be asking me right now. Read on, I’ll tell you how. Ever heard of the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game?

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Arguably, Google Chrome browser is the best internet browser available (in my opinion). There is a whole lot of functionality which Google internet browser offers to those who are smart enough to take advantage of them.

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Unable to connect to the Internet – Is that the message you received while trying to connect to the internet? Maybe your network is just as crappy as mine or maybe for some reason you’re disconnected from using the internet. I’m not going to tell you how to diagnose/troubleshoot the problem in this post; rather I’ll tell you how to make the best out of the ugly situation.

It’s very simple, just hit the space bar key on your keyboard and get the game started. Many people would not know that there is a Google Chrome Dinosaur Game imbedded in every Google Chrome browser, be it on your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

How To Play the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

By simply hitting the ‘SPACE BAR’, you start the game. Alternatively, you can start the game by hitting the ‘UP’ arrow key. On your mobile phone, just tap the screen and get your game started. You’re surprised yeah? So was i when I first discovered this.

Don’t get mad you’re unable to connect to the internet, instead have fun while you’re waiting to be connected to the internet.

In case you really have something urgent to do on the internet, hey you should better get troubleshooting the issue instead of playing the t-Rex Dinosaur game because it’s really addictive. I disconnect my internet atimes just so I can enjoy this Google Chrome Dinosaur game.

Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

You can keep running for as long as you wish on the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game, all you need do is press the ‘SPACE BAR’ or ‘UP’ arrow key to avoid obstacles on the ground and ‘DOWN’ arrow key to avoid obstacles in the air. The Google Chrome Dinosaur Game ends when you hit an obstacle but you can always restart the game.



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