My Phone and I: 10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone

Hey! It’s been a minute… I was trying to sort a few things out. In the process of sorting, I was taken back in time to the days when earth knew no such thing as a Mobile Phone. The ‘dark age’ that must have been, and for you all who survived those times, you’re simply amazing. – 10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: My phone, my life

I’ve had some days when for some reason (within my control and beyond my control) I had to stay without my mobile phone. Those days were really cloudy and the heavens seemed to be dark. I couldn’t wait to grab my phone so that I can see the light again.

Come to think about it, I don’t even make or receive as many phone calls as such, I could stay three days and not hear the phone ring. Most times its my girlfriend (the service provider) that remembers to text me, and of course I do not have to reply.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: MTN text

Why then is my mobile phone so important to me? I guess there’s just this comfort that comes with me having her around, I just want her close, I just want to hold her in my hands. There’s this warmth she gives to me. OMG! I guess I found love (or maybe not) in my mobile phone, perhaps she is the best friend I never had. Could it be that i’m a victim of the negative effects of technology?

I did a little research, When was mobile phone invented? Look what I found:

“Prior to 1973, mobile telephony was limited to phones installed in cars and other vehicles. Motorola was the first company to produce a handheld mobile phone. On 3 April 1973 when Martin Cooper, a Motorola researcher and executive, made the first mobile telephone call from handheld subscriber equipment, placing a call to Dr. Joel S. Engel of Bell Labs.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: first phone ever

The prototype handheld phone used by Dr. Cooper weighed 1.1 kg and measured 23 cm long, 13 cm deep and 4.45 cm wide. The prototype offered a talk time of just 30 minutes and took 10 hours to re-charge.”, according to Wikipedia.

Its amazing how much progress the mobile phone industry has recorded. Today, there is a whole lot of high tech sophisticated smartphones out there in the market. And yeah, Motorola that started this journey about forty-two years ago still remain a force to reckon with in the smartphone world.

As of today, different brands and models of phones are widely available for people to choose from. They range from the simple, common phone that basically does nothing but make calls and texting – that’s where my Nokia Torch comes in – to the more sophisticated smartphones that can connect to the internet and perform all kinds of functions so long as you have the necessary app along with the basics of calling and texting.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: Nokia 105

There are phones that can perform arithmetic functions at the speed of computers, aid financial transactions, store media of all sort for easy retrieval, provide weather analytics, measure certain health indicators, provide high quality mobile internet, support apps for various functions, crystal clear voice calls, instant messaging, to mention but a few, these phones are smart. I can only wonder what another forty-two years would mean to the phone industry.

We have seen super devices from Apple, what they chose to refer to as iPhone, HTC is a big name in the game, Samsung keeps giving us more than we ask for, LG of course makes life good, Sony Xperia taught us that phones can survive in water, Blackberry brought about a boom in social networking… I could still go on and on, the list would be endless.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: best phones 2015Little wonder I like my device the way I do, she has over the years proved to be there for me even when every other person was not – is it weird that I refer to my phone as tho she is a person?

I almost thought I was addicted to my mobile phone, but on second though I realized I wasn’t. She only proved to play a vital role in my everyday life, hence, the much importance I attached to her. Without saying more than I already have said, in no particular order I would share with you 10 reasons why I own a phone.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: To Keep In Touch

It is a well said proverb that twenty children cannot play together for twenty years, even though they really might want to but life has been designed in such a way that it makes it impossible.

I had my primary education in the South-South, and then proceeded to Eastern part of the country for my secondary education. I attended a University in Ogun State, and I made a lot of friends in Lagos State. I served in Cross River State and then returned back to Rivers State.

In the process of living life, I have made many friends from different parts of the country and I cannot be with them all at the same time, even though I would really love to, but it’s simply impossible.

Now that’s where my phone comes in. We are just a dial away from each other. Many thanks for being there for me.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: For The Love of Games

Yes! You heard me right, I’m a game lover. From console to PC to phone games and even to board games. I could spend the whole of my life playing games (but then I’ll be poor as a church rat).

Games are for leisure, and as such I spend my spare time playing games (and listening to music too). That journey from home to the office, those few minutes between when I lie down and when I finally doze off, those weekends when I’m feeling funky and not choked up, those moments when my guys come around (I love ladies that play console games though), that boring moment at work… Those are moments when my phone becomes very important again, she gives me fun all the way.

Hey, by games I don’t mean Rapid Roll and Snake Xenzia, too numerous to mention but real quality mobile games.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: It’s Dark In Here, I Need A Torch Light

I’m looking forward to a time when this would not be part of the reasons why I own a phone, but I’m sure if you’re Nigerian, the torch light or flash light of your phone would mean a lot to you.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: flashlight

In emergency situations when its dark and I can’t just get that extra light, my phone comes to action. Just a pocket away, and it would light up my day again.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: Emergency – Should I dial 911?

The last time I dialed 911… Ok, I’ve never dialed 911.  Have you ever been in a fix before? A difficult and tight situation when you can barely help yourself. Have you ever been robbed? Have you ever had a flat tyre (and no spare tyre)? Have you ever ran out of cash unexpectedly? Have you ever needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible? Have you ever missed your way or got lost? You know what an emergency is, don’t you?

My phone has been my savior in such times. I’m usually just a dial away from getting help.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: For The Love of Music

I doubt if there is anyone out there that loves music as much as I do. Yeah, I know you want to ask me why I’m not a musician, I already prepared an answer for you; if everyone is busy making music in the studio, who’ll do the listening?

Music is food to my soul, and I guess my soul suffers from obesity because I listen to music too much. Did I just say too much? There’s no such thing as too much music.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: HTCbeatsDrDre

My phone enables me have music, whenever, wherever and however I want it. Once I have my headphones plugged in, I become my own DJ.

I wonder how I could have catered for so much music hunger if I didn’t have a phone.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: Social Network Manager

Because I like to wake up in the morning and tweet #GodFirst; because Facebook tells me which of my friends has a birthday today; because I like to dig up old pictures and #ThrowBackThursday on Instagram; because BBM won’t show my ‘last seen’; because Whatsapp allows me know when my crush last came online… who doesn’t like social networking?

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: Social Media Manager

My phone is the easiest platform where I can manage all my social network accounts, get real-time notifications, send and receive e-mails, reach out to friends, colleagues and business partners for casual or official reasons.

My phone is my social network manager, even though she receives orders from me, she is still my manager.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: On-the-go Browsing

Even though my laptop is reliable, my phone is always handy and more than often the most convenient way through which I can connect to unlimited resource and knowledge available via internet.

I need to know what Xenophobia is, I quickly Google it on my phone. I need to know how to woo a girl, I quickly Google it on my phone. I need to know how to use an android watch with an iPhone, I quickly Google it on my phone. I need to learn how to perform an open heart surgery, I quickly visit YouTube on my phone (don’t try this at home).

With the aid of mobile internet, I read blogs and visit sites where I can easily retrieve whatever information that is needed at that moment. You really care to know? I update my blog from my phone.

Tell me, why won’t she be addicted to me?

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: My Digital Notebook

 I used to know all my account numbers until I had up to five of them, and then my siblings and friends’ account numbers too, that was too much numerical information for me to store. I didn’t have to worry much because my digital notebook was always there for me.

When I go to church and the pastor says something that stimulates my interest, I simply pen it down in my digital notebook.

When I step into your office and I see a quote that really seems like an inspiration to me, I jot it down in my digital notebook.

When I want to go to the market and I don’t want to look old fashioned, I write down my shopping list in my digital notebook.

My phone is my digital notebook. There’s so much information there in my digital notebook, if you lay hold of her, you’ll probably know 20% of my secrets.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: My Rolex Watch

If you know me personally, you can testify to the fact that you’ve never seen me wear a wrist watch. This is not because I’m too poor to even afford the cheapest yet decent ones, rather it is due to the fact that wrist watches make my wrists feel uncomfortable and as such I don’t own any.

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: Time Keeper

How then do I keep track of what the time says? Well I don’t have to worry about that, she’s my accurate time keeper. And even more, she can wake me up by 2 a.m. to read my books when I ask her to.

Convince me why I should cheat on her with a wrist watch…

10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone: My Photo Album

When I turned 15, someone gave me a photo album as a gift. If I didn’t say thank you to you then, pardon me. Thank You!

Seriously, who still has a photo album? Okay, yeah I still have mine. Who still uses a photo album? Not me. Hey 2015 is almost over and you mean to tell me that you still print out pictures and put them in that book called photo album? Oh well…

I have a phone, what do I need printed pictures for?

Those moments that I wish would last forever, those good days with crazy friends, those hangouts with the beautiful girls, those selfie moments (I don’t have a selfie stick -_-).

She keeps them all those memories safe for me, I just need to pull her out and tap the snap button. Just a couple of minutes and you’ll see them on Instagram.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It has become the norm to own a phone today. Both young and old people now own phones and carry them almost everywhere they go. Well, I just told you 10 Reasons Why I Own A Phone and why I would almost feel lost without her.

I would like to know what your phone means to you – why you own a phone. Or don’t you own a phone? You can feel free to tell me what brand of phone you use too. I’ll be waiting for you in the comment box.


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