Official PlayStation 4 Remote Control

A universal remote control for the PlayStation 4 will be available this October allowing easy menu navigation and media playback. This will be the Official Playstation 4 Remote Control.

Official PlayStation 4 Remote Control

The Bluetooth-enabled remote was produced by hardware producers, PDP and will go on sale in the US from October 31st priced at $29.99. UK pricing and availability is has not been made known yet. A PDP Spokesperson confirmed that the Universal Media Remote is a peripheral that’s officially licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment and will be the Official Playstation 4 Remote Control. It will be available in the second half of October, according to the spokesperson.

The PlayStation 4 can play Blu-ray Discs just like its predecessor, but unlike the PlayStation 3, the PS4 doesn’t yet have an official remote control, so to control playback of Blu-rays and other media, you’ll definitely need a DualShock. This was the problem hardware producer PDP looked to solve by producing what will now be referred to as the Official PlayStation 4 Remote Control.

Official PlayStation 4 Remote Control

As a universal remote, the unit can be used to control up to 4 devices: a PlayStation 4, television, set-top box and audio receiver.

The remote also includes specific buttons for the PS4’s power, PlayStation, Options and Share buttons, giving users full control of the system without a DualShock 4. There do not appear to be any illuminated buttons on the remote.

The remote is the first to be officially endorsed by Sony, over the many other unofficial controllers currently available. The company did produce its own media / Blue-ray disc remote for the PS3, which was also compatible with Sony amplifiers.

There have been other reported TV remote controls that have been used to control the PlayStation 4 but PDP’s Universal Media Remote seems to be the first such device that is officially licensed by Sony.

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