Nokia 105: The Rants of a Lost Phone Owner

Sometime ago, I told you what my phone meant to me… as unserious as I may sound, the only phone I owned was a Nokia 105. It meant more than my girlfriend (if at all I have any) to me; it served me in ways I cannot count. Indeed now I realize there’s nobody/thing we really cannot do without.

Nokia 105

Phones have somehow managed to become part of our individual lives, I wonder how people (adults) without phones survive. I’m not saying phones are that important, I’m only saying PHONES ARE THAT IMPORTANT, Yeah… even if it’s a Nokia 105.

Switching phones is always a hard decision, even though new ones bring this enthusiastic feeling, but there’s always something about our old phones which we eventually miss when we switch phones.

Losing a phone feels like hell, it’s something you never want to do (even though it could just happen to anyone). It might not primarily be due to theft or such related issues; it could be as a result of a damaged phone or a bricked phone.

Well, I guess I was a bit careless with my dear Nokia 105. I felt chills in my blood when I realized I had dropped it. Damn, my precious phone! My contacts! My drafted messages! The ‘torchlight’! How the fvck did I do that? How could I have been s carless? Oh Shit!

Nokia 105: High-Phone

Okay, okay, Raph enough of the ranting. Your phone is gone for good. Chill, did you really put up this write up for your lost Nokia 105? Damn You!

Hey friends, it’s been a while. More than my lost Nokia 105, I missed you all. I’ve been up to a lot recently and have not been able to update this blog for days. Pardon me.

Have you ever lost a phone? What did you miss the most about your lost phone? I’ll love to hear from you. Drop a comment in the box below.


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