New Truecaller App Integrates Truedialer

Truecaller App has continued to be one app which many smartphone users have embraced and can barely do without. Indeed the nature of the app has made it really one of much interest to many.

Truecaller App

Truecaller had another app known as Truedialer, this app had other features which the normal dialer pads on smartphones didn’t have.

Howbeit, Truecaller has now decided to integrate the Truedialer into the main Truecaller app and scrap off the native Truedialer app.

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As revealed in a blog post by Truecaller, features from Truedialler will now be integrated into Truecaller allowing users use one app to perform both the functions of Truecaller and Truedialer.

This seems to be somehow well thought as one can now use a single app for both searching callers identity and dialing numbers.

For those who have never tried this app, you really should give Truecaller a shot, I’m sure you’ll love it. Here a few reasons why you should:

  • Truecaller has the ability to identify unknown callers
  • Truecaller can block unwanted spam calls
  • Truecaller lets you search for any phone number at all, and tell you who owns it.
  • The premium version of Truecaller lets you search for people via their names.


Features of The New Truecaller App

There is a whole lot of underlying benefits that accrue from this merger, one of which is that the Truecaller app would now have features of the Truedialler app and even more.

 Smart Call History:

The new truecaller app would take charge of your call history and replace unknown numbers in your call logs with the actual name and picture of the caller. It also enables users to automatically save the contact in their phonebook.

There won’t be any need to search for the unknown number in Truecaller as the name and picture of the caller would now show in your call log.


This feature will allow users the ability to check on a contact’s ability to take a call even before initiating the call. You can now know whether a contact you intend to call is busy on another call, unavailable, etc. even before you make the call.


With the integration of the features of Truedialer in Truecaller app, users would now be able to initiate a call directly from the Truecaller app.

New Design and App Icon:

Among the features the new Truecaller app brings is a new design and a new app icon. The design is all revamped and it gives it an all fresh look, making it easy to use and really attractive.

As at the time of writing this article, the new version of Truecaller app that integrates trudialler functions is readily available for download on Android and iPhone. Users of other phones can only be patient as the new update would be rolled out for other platforms in a short while.

Download The New Truecaller for Android Here

Download The New Truecaller for iPhone Here

Even though the new update is yet to be rolled out to other mobile Operating Systems, you can still cop the old version which is also very useful here:

Download Truecaller for Windows Phone

Download Truecaller for BlackBerry 10

Download Truecaller for BlackBerry

Download Truecaller for Symbian

Download Truecaller for Nokia S40


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