New Apple TV to Be Launched alongside New iPhone

Apple is planning to launch a new Apple TV alongside the next iPhones in September, according to reports.

The next Apple TV will be launched alongside the next generation of iPhones in the autumn, paving the way for a digital TV subscription service in the near future.

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The fourth generation Apple TV is said to feature a touch-pad remote, extra inbuilt storage and Siri voice control for browsing and selecting programmes and movies to watch.

The new Apple TV will also support Homekit, after Apple confirmed that Apple TV would act as a central hub for its connected home appliances, including ecobee thermostats, lighting kits and smart sensors.

Rumour has it that the company’s digital TV subscription service is likely to follow early next year.

Apple was granted a patent filing for an Apple TV remote with inbuilt Touch ID sensor last week, allowing users to use their biometric data to enter TV passwords, created personalized profiles or controlling connected devices.

The patent, filed in January 2014, explores how biometric information collected through fingerprint sensors could be harnessed to personalize user profiles and access accounts boycotting the burdensome logins.

The first ever Apple TV was launched in 2007 alongside the first ever iPhone. The company is rumoured to have held negotiations with US broadcasters including ABC, CBS and Fox over the expected online TV service, which is predicted to cost between $30 and $40 per month via subscription. It can be recalled that Apple struck a deal with HBO to secure early streaming access for the latest series of Game of Thrones back in the month of March.


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