Negative Effects Of Technology On Human Life

Technology has become part and parcel of our daily life, as such it becomes necessary that we adapt to it in such a way that we don’t harm ourselves. Most people fail to realize the negative effects of technology on human life.

Do you consider yourself as a genius because you have Google to answer all your queries? Have you tried going a day without your mobile phone? Can you recall the last time you traveled on foot rather than using your car? How do you react to a lost charger or a low battery? Are you the kind of guy who falls asleep reading your Twitter timeline? Are there really any negative effects of technology on human life?

Negative effects of technology

Technology has to a large extent changed our lifestyle. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Check your phone for notifications, right? Many great thinkers have already predicted that we humans are going to be ruled by technology, and that explains a lot in our present dispensation.

There are two sides to every coin, right?  As numerous as the benefits of Technology may seem, it also has negative effects. The drawbacks of technology on our environment, health, behavior, relationships, business, education, society, etc. cannot be overlooked.

Almost every action or activity we perform nowadays is somehow associated or dependent on Technology. Thus making us addicted to it. The situation becomes even worse when we have to rely on technology to think, work, communicate, or even breathe.

Our brains have been so badly engaged with modern technology that despite its negative effects, we get a superficial rewarding feeling. And we compulsively respond to that feeling to get even more of it without realizing the negative effects of technology to human life.

Today’s Technology

The Human history has witnessed many ages including the Ice age, the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, etc. Every age was responsible for bringing up a new technology. Technology is ever changing. Today, they say we’re in the information age, some call it the digital age, and others refer to it as the internet age.

Negative effects of technology

Technology has now become very exploitable due to the fact that it is cheap and highly available.

In the 21st century, the 7,279,236,500+ human population (the plus sign indicates that the population is still growing at the moment) surprisingly witnessed a substantial decrease in the price/rates of technologies, hence technology is affordable by the common man.

Negative Effects of Technology

The greatest danger technology poses is the fact that humans are not able to realize when to limit its usage.

Although technology impacts us positively, but at the same time it can be the biggest threat to our existence.

Below is a list of some of the negative effects of technology than can affect human existence:

  1. The Invincible Eye:

In the near future, there would be no such thing as privacy since the omniscient surveillance system will be able to track every part of your life.Our technological devices will know us much better than our friends and families, since we now devote most of our time to them and share most of information with them. This seems like the darkest side of technology and the beginning of the end of privacy.

  1. Health Degradation:

‘Sitting is the new smoking’, you heard that before? Damn! I’ve been ‘smoking’ all day. How can sitting degrade health? The more you sit, the lesser is the blood circulation in your body. Constantly starring at the screen of your devices can lead to neck and head pain. It can result in headaches and poor eyesight. Not to mention, that the excessive use of the Internet is linked with depression and obesity. Constantly starring at the bright screens can hamper the release of Melatonin – a hormone responsible for sleep and wake cycles.

  1. My New Addiction:

We seem to be almost fully dependent on technology for everything, but for most of the time, addiction to technology is not acknowledged until it’s too late. You’re addicted to your phone, aren’t you? Don’t you feel it vibrate in your pocket even when it’s not vibrating? It happens with me, and I am sure most people reading this have already witnessed this feeling once in their life. I can go the whole day and even tomorrow without eating when I’m playing a video game; I’m pretty sure you can beat my record. That’s my new addiction!

  1. Social Animals are now Extinct:

Poor social skills are developed with extensive use of technology. Nowadays, even business meetings are conducted over Skype or chat rooms resulting in lack of personal touch. The membrane between the online and offline world is getting thinner and thinner. I am sure in the future; it will completely disappear, making it hard to communicate offline. With constant and high use of modern gadgets, we often make ourselves isolated from the world.

Negative effects of technology

  1. Crime Rate on The Increase:

I guess we all are aware of cyber-crimes also known as computer crimes. Such crimes include online bullying and harassment, fraud, cyber terrorism and warfare, hacking, cracking, cyber stalking, phishing attacks, identity theft, etc.

Some countries use technology to spy on other countries; this creates political tension between countries. Furthermore, nuclear warfare can be the reason for mass destruction in the future. That forms part of the negative effects of technology on human life.

  1. Internet Side of Life:

I think many of us have started living a dual life because of the Internet. Some people are completely different from what they try to be on the Internet.

Normal human beings should act the same online as he or she does in real life.

  1. Humanity is at Stake:

Some of the negative effects of technology to human life can be seen with the advancements in manufacturing technology where human workers are hardly given importance or expected to work as efficiently as a robot. Can this be justified on humanitarian grounds?

Why are brutal scenes on the media considered as a source of entertainment?

I think these days we give more importance to our Social Media home pages that our home sweet home

It is important to note that this article is not targeted against the use of technology but rather to highlight some of the negative effects of technology on human life…

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