MTN Data plan: Internet Data Bundle Price & Activation Code

MTN Data plan: Internet Data Bundle Price & Activation Code – It is no news that MTN is the network service provider in Nigeria with the highest number of users, despite the recent happenings that has left the company in a large pool of debt to settle, MTN Nigeria still continues to strive for greatness.

MTN Data Plan

We have carefully gathered a complete list of MTN data plans just for you. Additional information such as data bundle size, activation codes and prices have also been provided.

Considering the fact that Customer needs varies according to individual customer, MTN Data plans comes in different prices and data bundle sizes, this way everybody and anybody can choose a data plan that best suits their needs. There is a data plan for everybody, do well to subscribe to a data plan that suits your preference.

If you have an Android phone, an iPhone, a Java phone, a Symbian phone or even a Modem, these plans would rock great for you. However, if you’re a BlackBerry user like me :), I’ll advice you refer to this post: MTN Blackberry Data Plan: Price & Activation Code.

Features of MTN Data Plan

  • Auto-Renewal: This is a feature that allows you to enjoy uninterrupted data access on your phone or tablet. At the end of the validity period, your active data bundle will be automatically renewed. In a situation where you use up your MTN data plan bundle before the validity date, a notification message would be sent to you to either activate a new MTN data plan or continue at pay as you go rate (5k/sec).

To deactivate the auto-renew feature at any time, simply send ‘NO’ as a text to 131.

  • Data Rollover: Unused MTN internet data can now be rolled over and added to the next month’s subscription. To enjoy this feature, make sure you auto-renew your MTN data plan subscription before it expires and your unused data would be automatically added up to the next month.

It is however important to note that data rollover feature is only applicable to monthly MTN data plans.

Are you an occasional, regular or heavy data user? There’s an MTN data plan that suits your lifestyle. Once you have identified that MTN data bundle plan that best suits you, simply text the corresponding activation code for the plan to 131 or dial the corresponding USSD code for that plan. 

The corresponding activation fee would be deducted from your account and you will also receive an SMS on your phone confirming its successful activation.


Bundle PlanPrice (N)Validity PeriodActivation Code (Text to 131)Activation Code
10MB10024 Hours104*104#
25MB15024 Hours112*112#
50MB20024 Hours113*113#
150MB5007 Days103*103#
260MB100030 Days106*106#
325MB130030 Days109*109#
750MB200030 Days110*110#
1.5GB350030 Days111*111#
2015MB201530 DaysSPB 
4.5GB Night plan (9PM-6AM)250030 Days102*102#
4.5GB650030 Days129*129#
7.5GB800030 Days101*101#
4.5GB (1.5GB day 6.01am-8.59pm and 3GB  night 9pm-6am)250030 Days120*120#

Are you having any difficulties subscribing to any of the mentioned MTN data plans or are there any better data plans you know of that we did not include here? Drop a comment in the box, we’ll be glad to read from you.







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