MTN BlackBerry Data Plan: Price & Activation Code

MTN BlackBerry Data Plan: Price & Activation Code – BlackBerries are special phones sent from heaven, little wonder they have their own unique subscription codes unlike other phones. You definitely cannot go wrong with a BlackBerry plan because it offers you more value at a lesser price.

MTN Blackberry Data Plan

With options starting from as low as N25, MTN BlackBerry data plans are the cheapest, one good reason to own a blackberry.

For the sake of suitability and variety, MTN BlackBerry data plan come in three different packages; MTN BlackBerry Complete, MTN BlackBerry Absolute and the MTN BlackBerry 10 data subscription bundles.

These MTN Blackberry data plan form part of the value added services designed with the specific intent of meeting the desire for innovation and flexibility in BlackBerry Subscription by MTN BlackBerry users.

MTN Blackberry data plan can be activated by simply texting the corresponding activation keyword code for the plan to 21600 or by dialing the corresponding USSD code for that plan. 

To check MTN BlackBerry data plan balance and date of expiry at any point in time, simply text ‘STATUS’ to ’21600’

Below is a complete list of all the available MTN Blackberry Data Plan Subscriptions.

For Non-BlackBerry MTN users that seek a data plan, you may want to read this post: MTN Data plan: Internet Data Bundle Price & Activation Code

MTN BlackBerry Messenger Only Data Plans: Enjoy NON-STOP chatting on BBM with new BBM Data Plans from MTN, starting from as low as N25 daily, this plan can be used on other devices also but is only for BlackBerry Messenger App.

PlansInclusive Data BundleValidityCostKeyword to  21600
BBM Daily Plan5MB1 dayNGN 25BBMD
BBM Weekly Plan25MB7daysNGN100BBMW
BBM Monthly Data Plan100MB30daysNGN350BBMM



MTN BlackBerry Bundles: These plans would work on any BlackBerry OS (BBOS) other than BB10 (OS10)


To 21600

 2GBMonthlyN1, 000BBC
BB Quarterly2GB MonthlyQuarterlyN4,000BBQ


MTN BlackBerry 10 Data Plans: These plans are specially designed for users of BlackBerry 10 devices.

BlackBerry 10 PlansService ValidityInclusive DataPriceSMS Activation

To 21600

USSD Activation
BB10 MAXIMonthly1.5GBN3,000BBMAXIM*216*5*3#
BB10 MIDIMonthly500MBN1,500BBMIDIM*216*4*3#
BB10 MINIMonthly260MBN1,000BBLITEM*216*3*3#
 Daily10MBN70BBLITED *216*3*1#


Are you having any difficulties subscribing to any of the mentioned MTN Blackberry Subscription data plans or are there any better MTN BlackBerry data plan you know of that we did not include here? Drop a comment in the box, we’ll be glad to read from you.



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