Latest WhatsApp Version: Send Documents Via WhatsApp

WhatsApp which is arguably the most widely used Instant Messaging app with almost 1 Billion users has recently rolled out an update that adds more features to what we already had.

Latest WhatsApp Version: Send Documents Via WhatsApp

WhatsApp now allows users share photos stored using cloud services such as Google Drive and OneDrive, there is also a pinch to zoom feature for videos and more interestingly, WhatsApp now permits document sharing – users can now send documents to other users directly from the latest WhatsApp version.

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Before the arrival of the latest WhatsApp version, users could not share documents via WhatsApp unless by renaming the document to a file extension which WhatsApp supported before sending it. For example, if I wanted to share a document with an office colleague, let’s say the file name is ‘Presentation1.pdf’, I’ll now have to change it to ‘Presentation.jpeg’ before I could send it. On receiver on the other hand would also have to change it from ‘Presentation1.jpeg’ to ‘Presentation.pdf’, this was the only workaround that had existed before now.

Whatsapp Document

As of today, WhatsApp users do not have to go through the hassle of renaming file extensions before sending documents. Thanks to the latest WhatsApp version.

All you need do is click the paper clip icon at the top right corner of the application when in a chat, you’ll see an option for ‘Document’, click the ‘Document’ button and select the document you want to share and that’s it!

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WhatsApp removed the ‘Video’ button in order to accommodate the ‘Document’ button. That doesn’t mean that you can no longer share videos on WhatsApp, you can… but this time around, you’ll have to click ‘Gallery’ button and then select ‘Videos’.

Latest WhatsApp Version: Send Documents Via WhatsApp

Worthy of mention and a little bit disappointing is the fact that right now, the ‘Document’ feature on latest WhatsApp version only supports .PDF file format. So you still won’t be able to send your .doc or .docx files via WhatsApp yet (unless you do a workaround), but we’re hopeful the feature will support .doc and .docx files in the near future.

WhatsApp has has continued to remain in the top list of Apps for most Smartphone users, the addition of the document sharing feature would give it a boost especially among rival apps such as Telegram which has supported document sharing for a long time now.

The document sharing feature update is available for Android and iOS. Right now, I’m not certain if it’s available on other Mobile Phone Operating Systems. You can download the latest WhatApp version here:

Android App Store

Download Latest WhatsApp Version for Android

Apple App Store

Download Latest WhatsApp Version for iPhone

BlackBerry App World

Download Latest WhatsApp Version for BlackBerry

Windows Phone App Store

Download Latest WhatsApp Version for Windows Phone

Nokia Store

Download Latest WhatsApp Version for Symbian

Download Latest WhatsApp Version for Nokia S40

We just hope another update that would support a wide variety of document extension including .doc and .docx amongst others would be rolled out soon.

What other features would you like WhatsApp to include in her next update? We’ll love to hear from you. Share your ideas/opinions with us.



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