iPhone 7 – Will it be iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s?

There is still a lot of uncertainty about what name the new generation iPhone will be given. Would it be called iPhone 7 changing the number entirely from 6 to 7 or it will be joining its “6” series siblings and be named as iPhone 6S?iphone 7

It has been noticed that the Cupertino based tech giant releases its “S” model of same generation afterwards rather than launching all new generation (number). If we are to go by this findings then we can assume that Apple will continue with same trend, the new iPhone could be named as iPhone 6S instead of iPhone 7.

However, last time Apple Inc. amazed the world with all new nomenclature iPhone 6 Plus. It has been a habit of Apple Inc. that the giant announces single variant of every new series (iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5) iPhone first followed by “S” version but a slight shift in the trend was noticed when apart from uncovering iPhone 5S alone, the company announced different colored and cheaper variant of iPhone 5 called iPhone 5C as well.

The California based giant seems to be experimenting with the different variants (names) of iPhone and last year in September, the company announced iPhone 6 Plus along with iPhone 6.iphone 7 design

There is a possibility that the technology giant Apple Inc. may unveil two variants of iPhone 7 called iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as they did last year in September.

Whatever the name will be giving to the next iPhone, the people can be assured of one thing: The new iPhone will have super advanced specification and features. The company has been facing cut throat competition from some of the emerging smartphone manufacturers as they are offering interesting specs and feature at a comparatively cheaper price. However, Apple would be less worried as it has its own customer base and brand quality that the company has built over a long period of time.

Moreover, Apple has always amazed the world with its every single gadget released let it be iWatch, iPad, Macbook or iPhone and earned lots of satisfied customers who don’t want to shift to any other brand.

Conclusively, there is no crystal clear clue about what the new iPhone will be called. It can be named as iPhone 6S or the all new iPhone 7. However, it will be just a name. The new iPhone which possibly be released in September or October this year will a great phone with unmatchable super advanced hardware system and many new features.

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