How To Use Apple Music in Offline Mode

Apple Music is a new music streaming service by Apple Inc. that gives users an opportunity to stream or listen to any available choice of song at will, access a playlist and even some online radio stations.

This service has been in existence for about two months now and is free for users that subscribed to test the Apple Music. While apple is still fixing bugs in this new service, users have testified of satisfaction. The service would soon be available to all iOS users at a monthly fee.

How To Use Apple Music in Offline Mode

To use the Apple Music service, users have to be connected to the internet so as to stream music. There is a workaround for users on how to use Apple Music in Offline Mode. It’s a pretty straightforward process with no hiccups. The steps are explained below.


  1. Firstly, open the Apple Music app on your iPhone and click on “For You” section or “New” section.
  2. Now, search for your favourite song that you would love to listen to on your Apple Music while in offline mode and then click on ellipse menu button beside the song you want to select. A pop-up menu will be displayed.
  3. Select from the pop-up menu “Make Available Offline”. The songs you selected would be available for you to listen to without necessarily connecting to the internet. The selected songs would appear in the “My Music” and will download in the background where you can listen to them whether you are connected to the internet or not.
  4. It is important to note that the higher the number of song you want to listen to in offline mode, the higher the memory consumption of your device storage.
  5. To remove a song from the list, go to “My Music”, navigate to “ellipse” and delete them.

How To Use Apple Music in Offline Mode


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