How To Use An Android Watch With An iPhone

This definitely would be somewhat of good news for Apple iPhone users. Apple Watch which is Apple’s most personal device yet has been available in stores for about two months now. But for most, it’s too expensive and it only has only one design, although with different sizes and different strap bands.

How To Use An Android Watch With An iPhoneThe Smartwatch industry offers various types of Android smartwatches of which many are really affordable and can be really customized to suite one’s style. The only issue is that they couldn’t be used with an iPhone, rather Android phones only. How To Use An Android Watch With An iPhone, LOL, how blasphemous it sounds.

According to a Google blog post last week, Android Wear watches will now work on an iPhone – though it will only support current and newer watches (such as the LG Watch Urbane). Suffice to say, future watches running Android Wear should be able to run on an iPhone.

Apple iPhone users were previously stuck with only an Apple Watch. But as of today, one can now hold an iPhone on one hand and wear an Android watch on the other. How ironic it sounds, but it just feels good, really good to know Android Watch now works with iPhone.

I cannot say precisely, but there would be a limit to certain functions. Nevertheless, since it will be able to perform the basics, I’m sure many would grasp this opportunity.

How To Use An Android Watch With An iPhone – According to Google, here are some of the functions that can be performed:

  • Get Your Info at a Glance: Check important info like phone calls, messages, and notifications from your favorite apps. Android Wear features always-on displays, so you’ll never have to move your wrist to wake up your watch.
  • Follow Your Fitness: Set fitness goals, and get daily and weekly views of your progress. Your watch automatically tracks walking and running and even measures your heart rate.
  • Save Time With Smart Help: Receive timely tips like when to leave for appointments, current traffic info, and flight status.

This is definitely going to sound good in the ears of apple fans, especially those who are unable to afford the pricey Apple Watch, they’ll be so excited to know that Android Watch now works with iPhone. Apple seems to be happy with the idea too because it gave a green light for the Android Wear on iOS app to appear on the App Store.


How To Use An Android Watch With An iPhone


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