How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Android and Vice Versa

There is this inner joy that comes with the purchase of a new phone, and then a little headache.

The headache is inherent, not because new phones come with some headache causing features but because of the thought of transferring personal data the likes of Mails, Messages, Contacts, etc. Most times we can do without the mails and the messages, but not the contacts.

How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Android and Vice Versa

Even worse is when you think of transferring such data between two different Mobile operating systems such as the iOS and Android O.S

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Because we care, we’ll be sharing with you in few practical steps how you can easily transfer contacts from iPhone to Android and from Android to iPhone.

Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Android

Did you just get a new Android Phone? Wondering how possible it would be to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android Phone? I’ll show you two different ways in which you can easily transfer contact from iPhone to Android – sync your device with Google Contacts or use the Synkontact app.

  1. Sync With Google Contacts

To use this option, follow the steps as listed below:

  • Connect your iPhone to your PC via USB
  • Open iTunes on your PC, select your iPhone and click on the info tab
  • Check the option that reads ‘Sync Contact With’ and then select ‘Google Contacts’ from the drop down menu
  • Click ‘Configure’ and then fill in your Gmail Username and Password. If you don’t have a Gmail account, here is how to create a Gmail Account.

By following these steps, your contacts are safely stored in your Gmail Account, and you can access it anywhere even from a PC. To download your contacts from your Gmail account into your Android Phone, follow these few steps:

  • From your Android phone, navigate to Settings > Accounts & Sync
  • Tap on ‘Add Account’ and then select ‘Google Account’. Now you can fill in your Gmail username and password.
  • After successfully adding your Google Account, you will see ‘Sync Options’ from where you can easily sync the contacts you have previously stored in your Gmail account with your Android phone.

Now that is how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android phone, I’m sure you can feel some relief in your soul. At least you won’t get to lose any contacts or go through the perils of copying each contact manually.

  1. Use Synkontact:

Personally, I like using this method as it does not require me connecting my phone to a PC to get my contacts copied. Synkontact is an App available on both iTunes Store and Google Play Store. Once you have this app installed, transferring contacts from your iPhone to your Android Phone becomes super easy.

To use this method, follow the steps blow:

The contacts would be uploaded and a password for retrieving them would be given to you. Save the password as you will need it to retrieve your uploaded contacts on your Android Phone.

Now do the following on your Android Phone:

  • Download the Synkontact App on your Android Phone
  • Open the App and select ‘Download’
  • Enter the name and the password that was given to you when you uploaded the contacts on your iPhone.
  • Select ‘Merge into Local’ and click OK. Your contacts would now effortlessly be downloaded into your Android Phone.

I’m sure you love this method as much as I do, yeah? This method seems less complicated and can actually be used without a PC. All you need do is install the App and you’re good to make a switch.

Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

To transfer your contacts from Android to iPhone, you just need to do a reversal of the two methods as listed above.

To use the Google Sync Method, ensure that your Android phone is set to sync contacts with Google accounts. This way, all your contacts on your Android Phone are automatically saved in your Gmail account.

On your iPhone, Add a Google account and then sync your already stored contacts from your Gmail account on to your iPhone.

To use the Synkontact Method, download the Synkontact App on your Android phone. Open the app and select ‘Upload’. Choose a name for the file and save the password that would be provided to you.

Now in your iPhone, download the Synkontact app, open it and select ‘Download’. Enter the name and password which was given to you previously and then your contacts would be imported into your iPhone.



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