How to Recover Lost Contacts From Android

It is always a very frustrating experience for one to lose their contacts, especially those contact numbers we term ‘Important’. There’s this feature in Gmail that can salvage the situation, this unpopular Gmail feature will help you recover your contacts quickly to your Android Phone.

How to Recover Lost Contacts From Android

In this article, we’ll be showing you how to recover lost contacts from Android.

Users of Android phones who have no other place other than their phones where they store important contacts can now worry less about losing their phones. For those who have accidentally deleted an important phone number, you can worry less also as there is a way to retrieve it.

We’ll take you through a guide on how to recover lost contacts from Android using a feature in Gmail.

How to Recover Lost Contacts From Android: Using Gmail Account

If I asked you to go to Gmail and look for your lost phone contact, it might sound strange, right? But really that’s the right place to go whenever you lose an Android contact.

Whenever you add contacts into your Android phone, they are automatically synced with Google service and this allows a record to be held by the online servers. Of course this becomes very useful when you accidentally lose your contacts or for whatsoever the reason may be.

Even contacts that were consciously deleted by a user in the past 30 days can be retrieved as well as Chat Contacts from previous 24 hours.

To recover lost contacts, the first step is to log into a web version of Gmail, in the top left corner locate the word ‘Gmail’ with a drop down menu and click on the drop down menu and select contacts.

How to Recover Lost Contacts From Android

All the contacts related to your account would be displayed, this will include Gmail addresses, Google+ contacts and phone numbers. Now all you need do is look in the lefthand column for an option that says ‘Restore Contacts’.

How to Recover Lost Contacts From Android

You’ll be given the freedom to choose from different restore points (10 mins ago, 1 hour ago, Yesterday, 1 week ago, Custom), it’s up to you to choose appropriately for the given restore options, be sure to choose a point where you’re sure the missing contact was on your phone. Click Restore and you should find the previously lost contact now back in the list, this action can be undone.

How to Recover Lost Contacts From Android

Are you still having any difficulties retrieving your lost Android contacts? We’ll love to be of help to you, kindly drop a comment in the box and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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