Best Collection of Happy New Year 2017 Text Messages

The year 2016 is about coming to and end and we’re welcoming a new year, Year 2017, it is only thoughtful that you send Happy New Year 2017 text messages and SMS to our loved ones, colleagues, friends, family members, so as to celebrate and show them how much you care.

Happy New Year 2017 Text Messages

We have put together some heartwarming collection of Happy New Year 2017 text messages and SMS just for you and your loved ones.

As always, every new year brings hope, it is a time of celebration, a time when people make new resolutions, new plans, new commitments, generally, people tend to start life anew at the beginning of each year.

While you enjoy the celebrations, you can share the happiness with someone by sending them a text from our best collection of Happy New Year 2017 text messages.

We have Happy New Year 2017 text messages here that you can send to your children, your spouse, your parents, your lovers, business partners, friends, colleagues, class mates, etc.

We wish you a very wonderful and Happy New Year 2017!

Below is our collection of Happy New Year 2017 text messages:

May Your Expectations
In This New Year
Be Realized With Each And Everyday Of The Year.
This Is To Wish You A Good Health
That Will Maintain The Energy
To Flip Your Wing
While Soaring Into Greater Heights
Towards Your Destiny.

Happy New Year 2017!

 Sweetheart, It’s My Prayer
That As We Grow Old Together
Our Love Becomes Stronger,
Having Spent A Lovely Year Together,
I Thank God For That.

Happy New Year 2017!

I Love You Mother
For You Are A Strong Woman
And Being There For Me Since
I Was In Your Womb
It Shows How Much Love You Have For Me.
I Thank You For Being There For Me.

Happy New Year Mum!

Honey I Love You, So Much.
I Look Forward To Spending
Another Wonderful Year Of My Life With You.
You Mean The World To Me
And I Can’t Do Without You.

Happy New Year 2017!

May This New Year Contain
More Strands To Strengthen Your Family Bond
And May You Find Love,
Care And Happiness
In Every Face Of Your Family Member
So That Every Moment With Them
Will Be Like A Moment With An Angel Of Joy.

Happy New Year 2017!

I met love, health, peace and joy,
They needed a permanent place to stay.
I gave them your address hope they arrived safely.
Happy New Year 2017!

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on,
With all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.
Happy New Year 2017

Nights are Dark but Days are Bright,
Wish your Life will always be Bright.
So my Dear don’t be afraid
because, God gave us a BRAND NEW YEAR

Glory to God in highest heaven,
Who unto man His Son hath given,
While angels sing with tender mirth,
A glad new year to all the earth.

Fill your life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,
Bring to u Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,
And it’s my New Year wish  for you Dear…

May the good times & treasures of the present
become the golden memories of tomorrow.
Wish you the Happiest New Year ever
with lots of love, joy and happiness…
Happy New Year 2017!

Little keys open big locks
Simple words reflect great thoughts
Your smile can cure heart blocks
So keep on smiling it rocks.
Happy New Year 2017

 Happy New Year 2017 Text Messages

If It didn’t Bring you Joy,
Just Leave it Behind.

Let’s Ring in the New Year
With Good Things in Mind.

Let Every Bad Memory Go
That Brought Heartache and Pain.

And let’s Turn a New Leaf
With the Smell of New Rain.

Let’s Forget Past Mistakes
Making Amends for This Year.

Sending You These Greetings
To Bring You Hope and Cheer.

Happy New Year 2017!

A Happy New Year! Grant that I
May bring no tear to any eye
When this New Year in time shall end
Let it be said I’ve played the friend
Have lived and loved and labored here
And made of it a happy year.

New is the year, new are the hopes and the aspirations,
New is the resolution, new are the spirits and
Forever my warm wishes are for u.
Have a promising and fulfilling new year.
Happy New Year 2017!

In this new year, may all your dreams turn into reality &
All your efforts into great achievements.
Happy New Year 2017!

Wishing you a fabulous 2017 with full of great achievements and experiences.
A meaningful chapter waiting to be written HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Each age has deemed the new-born year
The fittest time for festal cheer.
Happy New Year to you my dear!

May lovely, happy times decorate this time of the season.
May warm, special memories brighten your new year.
Happy new year.

May each day of the coming year
be vibrant and new.
Bringing along many reasons for celebrations.
Happy New Year 2017!

Another fresh new year is here,
Another year to live!
to banish worry, doubt, and fear,
to love, laugh and give!
Happy New Year 2017!

Looking back on the months gone by
As a new year starts and an old one ends
We contemplate what brought us joy
And we think of our loved ones & our friends.
Happy New Year 2017!

Little keys open big locks
Simple words reflect great thoughts
Your smile can cure heart blocks
So keep on smiling it rocks.
Happy New Year 2017!

Like birds, let us,
leave behind what we dont need to carry,
Life is beautiful, Enjoy it.
Happy New Year 2017!


Oh my Dear, Forget your Fear,
Let all your Dreams be Clear,
Never put Tear, Please Hear,
I want to tell one thing in your Ear
Wishing u a very Happy NEW YEAR!

New Year is a time for celebration
of love, of life, of Friendship.
Therefore, it is the time to thank God
for the wonderful friends,
and to bring to their lives
as much magic as they bring to ours.
Have a happy New Year!

New Year begins, let us pray,
that it will be a year with new Peace,
New Happiness, and abundance of new friends,
God bless you throughout the new Year.
Happy New Year 2017!

Be always at war with your vices,
at peace with your neighbors
and let each new year find you a better man.

Happy New Year 2017!

May each day of the coming year
be vibrant and new
bringing along
many reasons for celebrations.

Happy New Year 2017!

My Wishes for you in 2017

May God give you…
12 Month of Happiness,
52 Weeks of Fun,
365 Days Success,
8760 Hours Good Health,
52600 Minutes Good Luck,
3153600 Seconds of Joy..

Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017 Text Messages

New Year is the time to
unfold new horizons & realize new dreams,
to rediscover the strength & faith within you,
to rejoice in simple pleasures &
gear up for new challenges.
Wishing u a truly fulfilling 2017

New Year Begins With New Hopes,
New Spirit, New Resolutions And New Aspirations
May You Become Successful This Year
In Everything You Do Brother
I Wish You A Happy And Promising New Year.

Happy New Year 2017!

This is to wish you a year
full of growth and expansion.
May you reap a hundred fold in
whatever you set your hands on
and may every drop of your sweat
while working get converted into endless bounty harvests.

Happy New Year 2017!

May you find happiness
and life in everything
that you will be up to in this New Year.
Wishing you days full of blossomed flowers
that will be filling the air
with sweet scents which will be carrying you
away in the Chariots of Joy.

Happy New Year 2017!

Finally The Golden Opportunity
Has To Come To Rise Up And Touch The Limits.
To Set New Records And New Goals.
To Achieve A Little More Than The Previous Year.
To Receive New Surprises And Get A Few Surprises.

Wishing You An Opulent New Year 2017.

May The Coming Year
Evade All The Darkness From Your Life
And Turn You To Be A Better Human Being.
Wish You A Great Year Ahead!

Happy New Year 2017!

Faith Is Something That
Never Lets You Lose Out In Life.
In The Coming Year,
Ensure That You Have Placed
Full Faith In God.

Happy New Year 2017!

I See A Light In The Sky
And Fresh Morning Dew.
The Newness Of This Year
Inspires Me To Wish You.
Happy Things Are About To Knock The Door
So Let Your Smile Welcome Them
Hope This New Year Be Bursting
With Happiness and Prosperity.

Happy New Year 2017!

May The Stars Shine Upon Your Life,
May Gorgeous Flowers Blossom Your Life
May The New Year Rock Your Life
And May God Bless And Protect You
All Through The Year.

Happy New Year 2017!

New Days, New Time, New Moments
Ahead Are Waiting For You, May
These 365 Days Light Up Your Life.

Happy New Year 2017!

May Somebody Love You So Much
To Pardon Your Oversights,
Be Unseeing To Your Imperfections,
And Tell The World About Your Merits…
And Hope Even You Do The Same To Others.

Happy New Year 2017!

This Is To Convey
My Warm Happy New Year Greetings
For You And Your Family.
May Your Every Daybreak Usher
In A New Reason To Smile
Every Time You Are Around Your Family
Since It Will Always Be
A Source Of Joy And Gladness.

Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017 Text Messages

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