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With the increase in use of smartphones came the increase in demand for applications that would meet the requirements of smartphone users. There was a demand for an app or a system through which smartphone users could send and files effortlessly at maximum speed. That was the birth of Flash Share App.


You recall the days of Infrared? When you had to hold both phones in position and still yet it’ll take forever to send or receive a very small media file. Then came Bluetooth; well received and seemed to solve the problem, but not for so long. Smartphone users needed to send and receive large files and do so effortlessly at the fastest possible speed, Wireless Bluetooth Technology seemed not to be fast enough.

With Flash Share App, you can send and receive large files from and to your smartphone at very high speed. It allows users transfer documents, audio files, video files, images and apps. Cool, innit?

Flash Share is the coolest file sharing app undoubtedly. Need to transfer files between smartphones? Give it a try today and you’ll be wowed!

Features of Flash Share App

  • It does not require any USB Connection
  • Flash Share does not require Internet
  • It does not require Data Usage
  • Flash share is extremely fast, you can share a file as large as 100MB in a less than a minute
  • It allows you to send and receive document files, audio, video, images and apps
  • Flash Share allows you share files with up to four (4) phones at the same time

Download Flash Shαre Apk For All Android Phones


How To Use Flash Share App

  • Open the just installed Flash Share App on your phone and create your account. Just add a username and a picture (optional)
  • To send or receive a file, click on ‘Connect With Friends’ and you’ll be prompted to either ‘Start A Connection’ or ‘Scan To Join
  • Open Flash Share on the other device you want to send or receive a file from and click ‘Connect With Friends’, then ‘Scan To Join’ if you had previously started a connection or ‘Start A Connection’ and then a connection will be established via WiFi
  • Select the documents, music, videos, pictures or apps you wish to send or receive.
  • Just shake the phone a bit and the files would be effortlessly sent.

Download Flash Shαre Apk For All Android Phones




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