Facebook Reactions Button: Announcing The Arrival

In the past week I’m sure a lot of us noticed that the reaction buttons on Facebook has been launched. Facebook reactions button received a lot of reactions from users; most of them welcomed the development and began making use of it immediately.

Facebook Reactions Button

A few others still were still hoping to see a ‘dislike button’, a feature which we may never see on Facebook because of its focus on making the internet a better place and not a place to breed hate and negativity.

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Now it is possible to express oneself better on Facebook by using the Facebook reactions button. By hovering your mouse over the ‘Like’ button, other reactions would pop up from which you can select any.

Facebook reactions button didn’t replace the other buttons we are familiar with – like, comment and share. It only provided more options for users to better express themselves, to show empathy, pleasure, surprise and other emotions as may be related to a Facebook post.

Before the coming of Facebook reactions button, we often see when one would post about the death of a close relative and get likes to the post, not because people like to hear about death but because they were left with no other option other than to ignore the post, like the post or comment on the post.

Facebook being sensitive to such issues and due to constant requests from users for other Facebook reactions decided to come up with the Facebook reactions button.

Facebook Reactions Button

Now one can easily show empathy to a sad post such as a post about the death of close relative. Instead of hitting the like button, we can just place the cursor of our mouse on the like button and select the appropriate reaction from the pop-up.

Apart from the regular like button, we now have five other Facebook reactions users can take advantage of – Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry.

These reaction buttons can be used to show a wide range of emotions. It is now left for users to make use of them as they deem appropriate.

We might get more Facebook reactions sometime, but for now I’m pretty sure these one would make Facebook a more pleasurable place to be.

What do you think of the Facebook reactions button?


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