Facebook Messenger Group Call

Facebook has just recently announced a new group calling feature that allows users to add up to 50 friends for a group call, what you may want to refer to as a conference call. The Facebook Messenger Group Call feature is available in the Android and iOs version of the app.

Facebook Messenger Group Call

Considering the fact that atimes you cannot really communicate effectively by typing on a chat, calling becomes necessary. That was the whole idea when Facebook first launched its Messeger calls in 2013 and fully rolled it out in 2014.

The new Facebook Messenger Group Call feature means that users can start a group call from any group chat. To make a group call, just tap the phone icon in the latest version of Facebook Messenger and select as many group members (up to 50) as you’ll love to have a group call with. They’ll all receive a Messenger call at the same time. If for any reason you mis the initial call, just tap the phone icon on the group and join in the group call.

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You can see who and who are on Facebook Messenger Group Call and send a beep to anyone previously invited who hasn’t joined the group call yet. This is indeed a welcomed development and a core feature we haven’t seen on any VoIP app yet.

Group Video calls would not be too much to ask for; we hope to have that feature sometime soon?

Lately you would agree with me that Facebook Messenger has tried to replace your phone number, such that for someone to chat you up they do not need your phone number and must not even be your friend on Facebook. Simply by searching out your name, they can initiate a chat with you although you can choose to change this setting at any time.

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Facebook might just be send Skype into extinction if when it starts the Group Video Calls, already a lot of people have switched sides to Facebook for their one-on-one video calls and the introduction of voice conference calls is a plus.

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