Check 2016 NECO Result –

Check 2016 NECO Result – We have received update that The National Examination Council (NECO) has released the June/July 2016 examination results and candidates who sat for the examination can now check and print out their results from the NECO Result Checker portal –

Check 2016 NECO Result

The Procedure for Checking NECO Result has remained the same for a long time now, nonetheless it has always been a pleasure to assist those who do not know how exactly to check 2016 NECO Result.

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A lot of people have been waiting impatiently for the release of the 2016 NECO Result so that they can process their admission into the higher institution to further their education.

We have received a very important update and we can tell that the NECO Result 2016 has been released.

For those that wrote the June/July NECO 2016, you can check and print your NECO result now.

Below are the complete steps plus other vital information you need in order to check your 2016 NECO Result. If you follow the underlisted guidelines, you’ll be able to check and print your NECO 2016 Result with no much hassle.

How To Check 2016 NECO Result

Provided that all the details you entered are correct, your 2016 NECO Result should be displayed once you click the ‘Check My Result’ button.

How To Purchase a NECO Result Checker Scratch Card

You can purchase the NECO 2016 Result Checker Scratch Card from any NECO office nationwide at a price of N300 only and Check 2016 NECO Result.

Alternatively, there are also some third party vendors such as cyber cafes, business centres, bookshops, etc. that sell the NECO Result Checker Scratch Card. You can walk into any of them and purchase your NECO 2016 Result Checker Scratch Card at a slightly higher price.

To check your 2016 NECO Result after you must have purchased the NECO Result Checker scratch card, make sure you follow the 6 simple steps mentioned above.

How to Print 2016 NECO result

I always advice that candidates print their results immediately after checking it. There has been few occasions where one checks his result and by the next time they come to check it again, they result would be withheld or you might get one error message or the other.

To avoid this, it is important that you print your 2016 NECO Result as soon as you’re able to check it. An alternative method is to send the result to your email box so that you can always access it at anytime and print it.

To print your NECO Result 2016, follow these steps:

  • Follow all the above steps for checking your 2016 NECO Result.
  • After your result has been displayed, use the print button on NECO result page
  • Alternatively, you can press use the following Keyboard shortcut to print your result. Just press CTRL + P, and then select the desired printer you wish to use and then print.
  • You should also send your 2016 NECO Result to your email so that even if you use up your scratch card, you can still print your NECO result at any time.

How to check 2016 NECO Result without scratch card

I’ve seen people ask time and over again how they Check 2016 NECO Result without scratch card. Truth be told, there is no way you can print your 2016 NECO Result without using a scratch card.

However, if you have checked your result previously and sent the result to your mail box, then you can always go to your mail box and print your result without having to use a scratch card.

How To Resolve Any NECO 2016 Result Issues

It is common that some candidates often encounter some problems in the course of checking their result.

To better aid candidates, here are the support phone numbers and support emails through which you can contact NECO directly incase you encounter any issues in the process of checking your 2016 NECO result.

NECO Support Phone Numbers:

  • 08069232760
  • 08052218069
  • 08052218070
  • 08126886938
  • 08126886939
  • 08189342653
  • 08189342754

NECO Support Emails:


The NECO support phone numbers are available between 8.00am and 7.00pm (Monday – Friday). You can also contact any of the NECO Offices closest to you.


Are you trying to Check 2016 NECO Result? Are you having any difficulties in checking your 2016 NECO Result? We’ll be glad to offer some assistance. Just drop a comment in the box.



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