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Towards the end of the year 2015, there were speculations that people would become more aware of their health and total body fitness in 2016 and as such there was the potential for technology – medical technology to prove profitable.

First Respone: Bluetooth Pregnancy Test

To think that there’s now a reliable digital Bluetooth pregnancy test which works together with a smartphone via Bluetooth technology to give women a more personalized experience when it comes to pregnancy testing is really soothing.

Church & Dwight’s First Response Pregnancy Pro Digital Test is a smart Bluetooth test – the first of its kind – that personalizes the process of pregnancy testing for women, educating and entertaining as well as calming nerves while providing information with a very high degree of reliability. It was unveiled at the CES event at Las Vegas.

Women can save themselves those embarrassing moments when they were expecting to be pregnant only to be disappointed and embarrassed when test results by doctors stated otherwise. Women hoping not to be pregnant are also opportuned as this digital Bluetooth pregnancy test can confirm their fate to them even 6 days sooner than their missed period.

First Respone: Bluetooth Pregnancy Test

The digital test works viz-a-viz a companion Mobile app that can be installed on an iPhone or Android device. The high-tech Bluetooth enabled stick is synced with a mobile device by tapping a button on the stick. The mobile app gives instructions on how to proceed with the use of the tech stick.

Test results from the Bluetooth pregnancy test are usually determined in about 3 minutes and are reliable to a very large extent, as a matter of fact, the brand claims >99% Accuracy.

During testing, the App’s first response is usually to calm the nerves of the user. This is done by providing three options – Educate Me, Entertain me or Calm me – for the user to make a choice.

First Respone: Bluetooth Pregnancy Test

The timer keeps counting down while the user is kept busy by the option they chose. If the user choses the ‘Educate Me’ option, she would get some information about fertility. If the choice was ‘Entertain Me’, BuzzFeed videos or other entertaining contents would be displayed. If a user chooses the ‘Calm Me’ option, meditation music, breathing techniques or some kind of exercise that would keep the user calm would be displayed.

Once the test is done within the usual 3-minutes time frame, the user enters a designated code and the test result would be displayed; this is a measure of security as the brand is really considerate of users’ privacy, test results cannot be displayed without entering the designated code.

First Respone: Bluetooth Pregnancy Test

After displaying the test result, the app suggests further steps to the user. For positive test results, the app can provide an estimated due date, set reminders for prenatal appointments, suggest questions for doctors and give the user updates about gestational development.

For Negative results, the app can suggest ways in which a woman who wants to conceive can increase her chances, provide fertility facts and even help the woman track her cycle.

First Respone: Bluetooth Pregnancy Test

The app is free and can be installed on Android Phones and iPhones while the Bluetooth enabled high-tech stick would cost between $15 and $22.

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Regardless of whether you have the stick or not, you can still use the app as some content is available for use even without the stick. However to use the Testing features, it would be necessary to purchase the tech stick.

The new Bluetooth pregnancy test which was unveiled at the CES event at Las Vegas would be available in the spring.

Would you rather go digital by using the Bluetooth pregnancy test for your pregnancy testing?


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