Apple iOS 9 Release Date, Design and Features

As was announced in the Apple event five days ago, Apple confirmed that iOS 9 will be available on 16th September. The Apple iOS 9 is already available in beta version for app developers to lay a first-hand on it.

Apple iOS 9

Last year’s September saw the release of the iOS 8 which introduced new features such as interactive notifications, widgets, design tweaks and third-party access to parts of the software that were previously closed off to developers, but now, iOS 9 promises to make the iPhone and particularly the iPad even much better.

It is important to note that the beta version which is available would certainly contain bugs since it is an unfinished version; it is advised that you wait till 16th September so you can get the complete and official version of the Apple iOS 9 on your device.

So far, one of the most amazing features of iOS beta is the Wi-Fi Assist which prevents your Cellular iPad or iPhone from latching onto poor Wi-Fi connections when your mobile data connection will provide a better service.

Which Devices are compatible with the Apple iOS 9?

For those that have been wondering if their device would be able to run the iOS 9, below is a full list of Apple iOS 9 supported devices:

  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 4
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 2
  • iPad mini  3
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5th gen

iOS 9 Design: What will the Apple iOS 9 look like?

Since Apple gave a major iOS redesign with the iOS 7, we really should not expect to see much difference in design between the iOS 8 and the iOS 9. The major areas of improvement in the Apple iOS9 were centered on security, battery life and a more intelligent user experience.

iOS 9 Features:

Here are some of the features, new and improved apps to expect from the Apple iOS 9 update

Proactive Siri

According to Apple, Siri is 40 percent more accurate at recognizing what you say and 40 percent fa at recognizing what you say and 40 percent faster in responding in iOS 9. It also has a new user interface.

Apple iOS 9

Siri is now more proactive on the Apple iOS 9. It will learn your habits. For example, if yn to music, Siri will display Now Playing on the lock screen because it’s both context and time sensitive.

Another amazing new feature is that Siri can check your e-mail for phone numbers if someone that is not in your address book calls you and display a name if the number is found.


Siri’s also better at taking reminders. In iOS 9 you can say “remind me about this when I get home” when you’re looking at a web page or a particular message and Siri will display it on the lock screen when you get to that location, or at a certain time if that’s what you said.

Apple iOS 9

When you get meeting invites via email, the details can automatically be added to your calendar before you’ve even opened it.

You’ll also get ‘time to leave’ reminders for calendar events, depending on traffic conditions, just as you do with Google Now.


The popular Notes app and has seen a big update in the Apple iOS 9. There’s now a toolbar with formatting options for headings, bullet lists and even more. You can now draw with your finger to sketch. Aour finger to sketch. Also, you can share links from Safari straight into Notes.

Apple iOS 9


There’s a new map – Transport – which lays emphasis on all the public transport links, stations and more. London is the only UK location included for now, and directions cover only buses and underground lines in the current Apple iOS 9 beta. Although National Rail lines are shown, they’re not yet included in routing suggestions.

Apple iOS 9


The new News app lets you personalize the news you see from all the popular news sources around the world. It also gives you notifications on breaking news. The more you read, the better the app learns about what you like.

According to Apple, it is “the best mobile reading experience ever” with animations, photo galleries and videos.

Split-screen Multitasking

Split-screen multitasking on the iPad was a strong rumour ahead of the release of the iOS 8, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out to be true. It is indeed good news that it is now here in the Apple iOS 9 and will make the iPad Air 2 a much more powerful productivity tool.

Apple iOS 9

There is also a picture-in-picture mode that lets you watch videos while you do other things.

Low-Power Mode

Many flagship smartphones offer software-based battery-saving modes for their devices, and Apple has promised to do the same when it launches the Apple iOS 9. According to Apple,”we know you all turn things off to try and make your devices last longer. The new low-power mode will switch levers you didn’t even know existed”.

Apple iOS 9

It should give up to three hours of extra use, on top of the extra hour or so you’ll get simply from updating to the Apple iOS 9, which is more power efficient than iOS 8.


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