Android N: Release Date and Amazing Features

As expected Google would be announcing her new Mobile Operating System – Android N at the I/O conference that is still a few months away. But to tease our curiosity and for other important reasons, Google has unveiled the Developer Preview of the Android N.


We’re still uncertain what the ‘N’ would stand for; there are several suggestions and guesses that the ‘N’ would stand for NUTELLA’ but we can only keep our fingers crossed while we gather more information as regards to the name of the Operating System.

The developer preview for Android N is available for the following devices – Nexus 5x, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Pixel C, Nexus Player and General Mobile 4G.

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If you own any of the above listed devices, you can cop your own Developer preview but before doing so you should follow the official instructions from Google. If you intend using your main phone to preview the Android N, it advised that you thread with care as a few things may not have been put in place yet since it is just a preview version.


If there is no other reason to own a Google Nexus Phone, having to preview new operating system updates before others could be just enough reason.

Users of Google Nexus Phones can preview the Android N now while we wait for the final version to roll out to other Android smartphones.

Even though we cannot provide an exact date for the release of Android N, Google intends to roll out the final version of Android N by summer 2016, and that’s why the developer preview was released this early.


Having tested the developer preview of the Android N, we’ll be sharing all we know so far. Here a few features you can expect to see on the next Android O.S:

 Enhanced Notifications

The Android N has significant changes made to its Notifications. Messages are now bundled in such a way that users can expand and collapse messages directly from the notification without opening the particular app that has the notification. Users can now drag the notifications to a desired level that suits the amount of information they want to see.

Android N Notification

There would be options to directly reply messages from the notifications, by hitting the ‘Reply’ option, a pop up would be provided where you can compose your reply and send it directly from there without having to open any app.

The bundled notification would also ensure that multiple notifications from one app would be arranged as a single group of notifications.

Improved Doze

We saw the introduction of the doze feature in the Android Marshmallow O.S but there was some form of hitch to this feature as it didn’t work when the phone was placed in a pocket or bag.

The Doze feature on Android N works regardless of where the phone is placed. Be it on top of a table or inside a bag. Few minutes after your phone is idle, the Doze feature of Android N would kick up. The restriction as regards to network and app when on doze is the same as in the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

This is an energy saving feature and would definitely guarantee improved battery life.

Data Saver

We’ve seen Android users complain time and over again about data consumption. The data saver option when switched on would block the background data usage and prevent apps from using data connection, and then a user is allowed to whitelist the specific apps that may use data connection.

Android N Power Saver

The data saver option also prevents pulling in of videos and embedded images on web pages when it is turned on.

We saw something similar on the Android M, but we are happy to have it as a dedicated option on the Android N.


The wait was long indeed and finally we can embrace multi-wndow functionality on Android N. The multi-window mode allows users to run two apps in a split screen mode – one-above-the-other or side-by-side.

Android N Multi window

There is also support for freedom mode on the Android N which enables users to freely resize app windows when enabled by a manufacturer.

This seems like the most outstanding feature of the Android N, as users can now multi task with their android taking advantage of the split screen.

Enhanced Telephony

Before now, it was always a task trying to block calls on Android. Most of the time, we ran to third party apps such as Truecaller for help.

The Android N now allows users to block and reject calls and not have them in the call logs at all. This is a great feature, but I doubt if it’s going to reduce the functionality of Truecaller app to Android users.

Enhanced Settings Menu

The settings menu in Android N has significantly improved as we now have an iOS-like kind of settings menu where key sections of the settings menu can be accessed by swiping from the left.

Android N Settings

The settings menu also shows important phone stats such as network, memory and battery life.

There are still other features of the Android N that we didn’t mention here; you might just want to cop the Android N Developer Preview for yourself. Feel free to do so but remember it would only work on some devices as we listed above.


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