Alcatel OneTouch Embraces Microsoft Windows 10 for Smartphones

Alcatel OneTouch, the Chinese company known for its low-cost phones has promised to come out with a smartphone running the all new Microsoft Windows 10 software, which launched about one month ago on PC and Tablet. It plans to unveil a Windows 10 smartphone before year’s end.

Alcatel OneTouch Embraces Microsoft Windows 10 for Smartphones

While PC Makers have embraced the Microsoft Windows 10 software, Smartphone makers are yet to embrace this software with enthusiasm due to the market dominance of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS software for smartphones. Alcatel OneTouch’s backing represents a rare bit of support for Microsoft Windows 10 on the smartphone side.

Much effort has been put by Microsoft to unify the nature of the new Windows 10, with its ability to run on smartphones, tablets, PCs and other devices, but consumer interest has reportedly been low so far as less than 4 percent of the US market uses a Windows Phone.

Regardless of the fact, Microsoft has promised to launch a high-end Windows 10 Smartphone by the end of the year 2015. Microsoft Windows Phones have recorded a huge success for budget phones although they have not really been able to compete with other high-end phones.

Owned by Chinese television giant TCL, Alcatel OneTouch has only been selling smartphones in the US for about two years now and hopes to catch up with the market quickly. Earlier this year, the Chinese Company – Alcatel OneTouch promised to significantly boost the amount it spends on marketing and to invest in tech talent in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The company looks to catch a measure of good success with an affordable Windows 10 Smartphone, which it plans to sell through at least one US carrier.


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