About Us

Naijatechno was launched on the 3rd of June 2015 with the sole aim of providing first-hand information and updates on technology happenings around the globe.

We cover TechNews, Reviews, Laptops, Phones, Gadgets, Games and How-to’s

Information is disseminated as soon as it is received from our reliable sources.

Q: What kind of people do you attract?

A: The majority of people that visit Naijatechno have a strong desire to remain abreast with everyday technology.

Q: Where can I find you on social media sites?

A: You can find us on Facebook.  To receive awesome updates, like us on Facebook and you will get daily updates. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Q: Is Naijatechno free? 

A: Absolutely! Naijatechno is and always will be 100% free to visit, use and contribute.

You can contact the Admin directly here: Add him on Facebook, Follow him on Twitter, or add him on GooglePlus.