2go.com: Download Latest Version 6.1.2

2go messenger is a very popular instant messenger which has come to stay in many parts of Africa and the world at large. The initial 2go.com version 2.0 was well received as the number of registered users and downloads were massive at a time when instant messaging was only available to users of smartphones.


The app developers saw the need to capitalize on the massive success of the first launch and improve the services and features of this app so as to enhance users’ chatting experience. As of today, we have 2go Version 6.1.2 as the latest 2go.com version

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To use this app, you do not necessarily have to own a smartphone. This is one feature that makes this app stand out from its rivals. Any phone with internet access can use this app. The simplest of java phones out there that has internet access can download and run 2go.com messenger app as well as the most sophisticated smart phone.

If you had a first hand of the very first 2go.com version 2.0, you would agree with me that there’s been lots of changes made to this app as regards to features and functionality. There was the version 3.0, the version 4.0, the version 5.0, Version 6.0 and now we have a Version 6.1.2 as the latest version and it has some cool features similar to Whatsapp Messenger App.

2go.com offers you the opportunity to keep in touch with your friends, school mates, colleagues, family members, business associates, and whosoever you may wish to, so long as the person uses this app too. The app functions with your internet data plan and if you do not have an active data plan, you can either subscribe to one now or allow the app to use your airtime at a very minimal rate, but I’ll advice that you subscribe for a data plan.

I’ll be highlighting some of the best features of the latest 2go.com version – 2go version 6.1.2. as well as the download link for every phone platform. Here are a few of the best features you should know about.


Star Progress:

The version 6.1.2 of 2go.com messenger app allows users to monitor their star progress; it shows star progress and expresses it in terms of percentage. I recently checked my Star Level and I found out that I’m on a Master Level, and my star progress is 72%.

Another cool feature of this version is that new Star Levels are now easier to attain than before and more stars have been added to make the app more fun.

In previous versions, the highest Star Level was Ultimate, but with the new version of 2go we saw the introduction of Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond and Black Diamond star levels.

In Version 6.1.2 of this app, your star is boosted slightly as you buy go credits or spend go credits. Awesome!

Offline Messages:

The latest 2go.com version 6.1.2 has a new feature similar to what we have on Whatsapp Messenger that ensures you never miss out on a chat conversation. It allows users send offline messages, whether or not a person is online at a point in time, you can still go ahead a drop them a message and they’ll receive your message whenever they come online. If for any reason the person you are chatting with suddenly goes offline, you can still go ahead to drop your message and be sure that the person would see your message the next time they login.

For smartphones users the experience with this latest version is even better. When you’re not online and someone sends you an offline message, you’ll get a real-time notification of your offline chat messages and then you can choose to go online and respond to them.

Fast Lane:

This feature allows users get quick access to news, sport and information on the directly from the app without having to log out or switch apps. The 2go.com fastlane allows users get football updates from SuperSport and breaking news on National, World, Africa, Sport, Entertainment, Technology and more from News24. This is an amazing feature.

Chat History:

With the latest 2go version 6.1.2, you do not have to start the conversation all over again each time you log in; now there is always a chat history for all your previous conversations. This feature was introduced in previous versions of 2go.com but there were still a lot of bugs as some chat histories were not saved. Now you can remember the exact point you left a conversation and continue from there on your next chat, thanks to Chat History.


2go Rooms:

For those who love chat rooms, 2go.com introduced more chat rooms to the already existing ones. 2go also allows you to suggest chat rooms which you feel should be added to the App. The rooms are classified in such a way that they can accommodate whatever interest you may have.

Chatting experience in the rooms have also been improved as spammers, annoying users, insulting users, users with sexual provoking names and photos can be reported and kicked out of the rooms. You can also view the profile and profile picture of users in a 2go chat room you can also mention them in a room chat while they get notified.

Edit Profile:

The 2go.com version 6.1.2 allows users to customize their profile as often as they want to. A user can now change his display name, location, birthday, gender, relationship status, room settings and mobile number, and this can be done with so much ease.

Voice Messages:

There are some things which you just can’t truly express in the form of written messages, that’s where voice messages come in. Version 6.1.2 of 2go supports voice messages.

Users can now have a better conversation by sending voice messages to each other where written messages are not enough. There is also an option to share file, share image, share go credits and share friend. With the introduction voice messages, chatting with 2go.com has become more fun.

Switch Accounts:

For those of us that own multiple accounts, the latest 2go.com version 6.1.2 allows you to easily switch from one 2go account to another by simply hitting the option that says ‘Switch Accounts’, all you need do is provide the log in details – username and password of the account you want to log in to, and you’re in!

There are still so many more features of this new version of 2go.com – Version 6.1.2 but these are the few I consider as the best features.

Without any further delay, I’ll show you how to download the latest version of 2go messenger app.


HOW TO DOWNLOAD 2Go VERSION 6.1.2 – 2go.com

Visit the official website on 2g0.im or www.2g0.co.za or www.2g0.com.ng on your device and you’ll be able to download the latest version of the app for your phone.

You can also use the download links below to download 2go.com app for your phone.

Download Version 6.1.2 For Android


Download Version 6.1.2 For Blackberry


Download Version 6.1.2 For Windows Phone


Download Version 6.1.2 For Nokia S40


Download Version 6.1.2 for Java


  1. Click the download option and download the app to your phone.
  2. Open the app on your phone.
  3. Select your location, that is your Country and then enter your Mobile Phone Number. With the mobile number provided 2go.com would detect whether you are a new user or a returning user automatically.
  4. For New users, fill in your First Name and Last Name, and then choose a Username. Be careful to choose a username that you can easily remember and has not already been taken by another user.
  5. Fill in your Date Of Birth and make sure you have filled all the fields correctly and then proceed, 2go.com would generate a password for you and log you into your newly created account.
  6. If you know you are not good at keeping passwords, it’s advised that you copy down the password. You can change the password to a new password that you can easily remember after you have logged in to your new 2go account.
  7. For old users who already had a 2go account but just want to upgrade to the latest version 6.1.2, log in with your username and password. If for any reason you cannot remember your password, hit the ‘Forgot Password’ option and ask 2go.com for help.
  8. You’re have now successfully downloaded version 6.1.2 and created your 2go account, start chatting and have fun!

Ar you unable to download 2go.com on your phone? Are you having difficulties  logging in or chatting with the 2go version 6.1.2? We would be glad to help you resolve this problem, just drop a comment in the box.


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